Full details about what does hanzo say when he ults?

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The ultimate question for all Overwatch fans has been answered. What does Hanzo say when you activate his ult?

In case you missed it, the release of Patch 1.25 caused a storm of speculation amongst Overwatch players.

The release of this patch meant that the previously understood line “Valiantly defending our home, for the homeland” became “For the glory of Overwatch.”

However, why the change? And what is the actual line?

The truth is out there. You can find it in patches notes! You might even co-operate with us. 

We promise not to steal your intellectual property if you help us out. But saying… our experience will be most helpful…

==EDIT== We’ve discovered the actual lines via the voice lines for a variety of heroes, which you can find on various sites. 

We’ve tried to replicate them as closely as possible here.

 As ever, there will be errors and corruption between versions, but we think it is roughly accurate. 

Thank you to those who helped us with this! We would also like to thank Blizzard for answering some questions about these new lines!

Markman1c wrote:

Yup, that’s what I got from those too. A few tweaks though: “For glory of Overwatch” should be “For glory of our homeland. 

For glory of Overwatch.”, and the first line should be “For the honor of our people. For glory of Overwatch.”. 

Unless that’s just an early translation.

 That last one is tricky to translate back into Korean, but I think it would probably translate to something like “With the pride of our people/nation.

 For glory of Overwatch.”. Either way, that’s how they are listed in the patch files.

“For glory of our homeland”. “For glory of Overwatch.”? “Honor of our people”? Have you read these descriptions? 

They don’t even make any sense! I am so tired of this game… please go away…

“This is done” or “It is done”?

Lastly, this looks like some sort of contest to me, but it is what it is. =P

This would suggest “this is done” and “it is done” may be the correct translations, though we will update if they change.

I’ll take guesses. On mine: “How dare you!” and “You dare!!” 

This is accurate. 

But it’s an edit of an edit of an edit… 😉

What’s the real translation? Oh, wait, I know! “Dare you?” and “You dare!”

Also accurate. Cheers!

“Mother, I am fine.” (Source (http://www.patches-n-tweak.com/english.html) )

“mum’? The latter sounds like she’s talking to her mum.”)

We also added “[She] tells me ‘I am fine'”.

Interesting… but wait… what is this?… We have discovered a new “old” meaning of the Korean phrase 

“I’m fine!”  which translates as “My sister doesn’t like this”.

Fans have been going around telling each other that Hanzo says something different, 

but it turns out these are simply misunderstandings! None of them have been correct.

We’ve also found a fantastic fan video from the reveal event where he goes through his ultimate voice lines. 

 It is very accurate with what he says, but unfortunately doesn’t have the actual voice lines, so they are slightly out of order. 

We recommend watching it to see the full range of what he says.

You can also find information about the new lines in many places on the internet,

 including the Speculative Overwatch blog, Reddit, and others.

 Please check them out for anything else you would like to know about these lines! 

But, we still do not know what he says in Japanese! We need help with this! 😉

 This topic is now closed and we will no longer be accepting any more suggestions or corrections on what Hanzo says when he ults. 

The best place for these is the reddit thread linked above, but we’ve also added a few below…

“For the glory of Overwatch!” “For the honor of our people!” “With the pride of our people!” “To protect our homeland.” 

“For the homeland.”

There is a video on youtube that supposedly shows what he says when he ults, and it sounds like it is like: “I am Hanzo Shimada, and I am your death” .;.

I can confirm that this is a mistranslation, but I do not have a video to show what the original line was. 

This sounds like it is more of a “I am Hanzo Shimada, and you will die” sort of thing, not an ult line.what does hanzo say when he ults

It was translated here as “This one’s in the bag!”. But I’m fairly certain that’s wrong…

Could someone send me this YouTube video? It would be much appreciated!

There appears to be another Youtube video that shows something like the following: “I will cut you down. This one’s in the bag!”


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