Funny dank relationship memes

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elena cordery RLlcbkemwnw unsplash

Relationships are hard. It’s a fact that isn’t always acknowledged. Whether you’re dating or just trying to figure out your platonic friend, 

being around the same person is difficult and always going through different phases can be exhausting.

 If you find yourself struggling with boredom or wondering what’s the point, check out these funny dank relationship memes 

that might help you see life from a new perspective. And remember: it’s not about how happy your life is,

 it’s about living! What do you say we make some dank memes?

So here is a meme that is in the process of being banned. I do admit this one is pretty catchy, 

but the main issue with this whole thing is that it’s just a remix of an idea teenage boys thought would be funny to put on Instagram. 

It’s okay to laugh at how dumb millennials are, but perhaps try not to frame your own dank memes in such 

a way that suggests you’re stuck in a zombie apocalypse and your only redeeming quality is not being a complete asshole.

I don’t know what to say about this one.

 On the one hand, I appreciate the thought that went into making it. On the other, it’s another meme about how lazy millennials are.

 For a philosophy major like myself, I’m quite baffled by how lazy people are. And for a more philosophical perspective on this meme, 

check out the article I wrote on why being lazy is bad .

Here we have a genuine state of affairs that will likely come to fruition in the near future.

 The age of automation is upon us and while some may find it convenient to reduce their labor force with robots,

 others think they’re going to have a hard time finding another job with all these damn robots.

It’s a bit of a stretch to see this as anything but a meme, but since it is an actual trend that has been in existence for some time now,

 I don’t want to step on any toes. When it comes to memes and humor, you can do what you want.


 this one brought out a lot of negative feelings among its readership and the person who created it was forced to remove it. 

But really…he shouldn’t have been so surprised. This world is looking at him the way they look 

at all the other people who have ruined everything with their selfishness and greed – 

completely oblivious of how they hurt others around them in the process.

“Tumblr’s Shower Thoughts”

 is a phenomenon that has garnered a lot of attention over the years, mostly because people have a hard time limiting what they say on their blogs. 

Jumping from one topic to another and making multiple points is something I’m willing to bet their parents wish they would do differently.

Another meme that is controversial, but truthful.

 It’s a bit too harsh for my taste but at least it’s not putting down the so-called “lazy millennials.” 

All in all, I can appreciate this for being an accurate portrayal of what many people are calling the “social justice movement” 

and its outright refusal to understand how those on the other side think or feel.


Again, I’m not a fan of the idea behind this meme and like the last one, it’s not very original. 

But I do appreciate the fact that they’re using their dank humor to break down the stereotypes 

that are so prevalent on both sides. Dank memes are a new form of social commentary where 

we can break the silence that comes from living in a society that is fundamentally opposed to freedom of thought.

If you think this has been done before, you’d be right. But it’s also done in another way that has little to do with dank memes, 

so perhaps this one should be overlooked. Regardless, I don’t really like how this portrays the relationships between men and women today, 

but it does make for an interesting trend on how people see other people in the media they consume. dank relationship memes

There are some people that might find this offensive, but the only thing I find offensive is how it’s using a Native American stereotype to make their point. 

Other than that,

 I think it’s a funny meme about how people will say anything to get you to think like them.

When you’re in a relationship and you think it’s going well but then all of a sudden your partner starts trying to change things up on you…

I’m sure we’ve all been through this before. And while it may be easy to call your significant other crazy at some point, 

try not to dwell on the bad and instead remember what made them unique in the first place – optimism!

 I guess that’s what makes it dank.


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