Laugh out loud: the most viral dank relationship memes

crystal mapes liak2l9DQiQ unsplash
crystal mapes liak2l9DQiQ unsplash

When a couple goes through a rough patch, the internet goes wild for this comic book-style photoshop. 

“Dank meme” is a genre of comic book memes that has captured the internet in 2019,

 but they go even further back to the 1990s with “spiked hair.” 

In recent years, these comics have gone viral over social media platforms.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, 

we wanted to compile some of our favorites from this popular comic book-style genre of online relationships.

The most popular category in the “Dank Meme” genre is a parody of a couple

 who is going through a tough time in a simulated comic book world.

The comics often feature images of characters whose sexuality is ambiguous, showing them talking to each other about their problems.

 These comics often depict people with imaginary illnesses that the real person has, or that they want to be sick, or that they want to die.

  It can also include people who are trying to convince each other that they are under mind control by aliens.

These comics are typically captivating because the humor, while sometimes disturbing, is also often very heartwarming.

 They are usually intended to show that someone

 who is dealing with a difficult life situation can always count on the other person in their life.

 Sometimes, they are intended to be comedic in nature,

 but often they are meant to be serious, showing how much people care for each other.

The idea of popularizing this genre of comics has been around since the 1990s. 

The first appearance of the pseudo comic book “spiked hair” was in 1991 by artist Jim Mahfood for his webcomic “Dork Tower.

The parody comic’s popularity has only grown since the beginning, 

 it likely will continue to do so as long as there is a need to make light of online relationships.


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This meme has been used since 2016, but it has recently become all the rage on Instagram.

This meme is extremely popular in Instagram, particularly in the UK. 

The story behind it is that the couple in the fake comic book are an Indian couple who are married in a fake Hindu ceremony.

 They go through a rocky relationship, and at one point, the woman runs away from home to take care of her abusive father.

 An older version of this meme used real events instead of faking them up.

 It shows an Indian couple who are engaged in a fake Indian wedding ceremony

 after getting together by interacting with other people on different dating apps. 

 When they break up, she goes to live with her father and he goes to live with his girlfriend.

 They both think that the other one is living happily without them.

dank relationship memes  But now, an older version of this meme has gone viral on Instagram, 

showing the same basic story line, but now the couple is in a fake Indian wedding. 

The caption then goes on to tell about an abusive father who has his daughter leave her husband in order to take care of him.

 She goes back home and he is convinced that she has left him for another man. 

He flies out to her hometown where he meets up with his new girlfriend and former father-in-law, who are also in a fake marriage.

 It’s unclear how many iterations this meme has gone through at this point because each time it gets shared on Instagram, 

it appears to change slightly when it comes back around again with updated captions.

In this version, the couple is in a fake wedding after meeting each other on a dating app.

 They then break up, and she goes to live with her abusive father. 

He then flies to her hometown where he meets up with his new girlfriend and his ex-father-in-law 

who are also in a fake marriage cheap viagra 

 The caption ends with a joke about how expensive it was to book a fake wedding, but it “was totally worth it.”

This meme comes from an animated version of the story where the same basic plot line from before is once again shown, but now

 the bride and groom are cartoon characters. 

In this version, the bride and groom meet each other on a dating app with a lot of cat pictures. 

She then leaves him to take care of her abusive father. 

There is also a joke about how the groom looks like a dog with a “doggish face.”

If you’re going to use this meme, these are the only ones that you need.


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