Best of dank relationship memes

marija zaric q73jLftKN A unsplash
marija zaric q73jLftKN A unsplash

Relationship memes can be anything from funny to insightful. But the best relationship memes are the dankest of all!

This list of the top 15 best relationship memes will make you laugh, learn something new, and cringe. 

And it’ll show that even the most turbulent relationships can get through anything with enough love and respect for each other.

So check out these funny memes about life’s many moments with a partner that have been humorously Photoshopped into all sorts of crazy situations, from being an awkward couple at a party to being in jail together after robbing a bank! 

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Here are some of the best dank relationship memes :

1. Going to the gym with the wife is much harder than going with any other woman because you have to answer all the dumb questions she asks!

2. You can date a model, but you have to have a good real-life friend in the model’s life. 

Because you never know when this perfect model is going to get jealous of another woman in your life, and then kick you out of the house!

3. When his ex-wife went to take care of their children, he took the time to turn off his Facebook account so she couldn’t check it!

4. He was so happy when he got married that he didn’t even want to tell her about his last relationship. 

    But she somehow found out about it anyway! The worst part? She congratulated him for being so smart.

5. When your ex is in the hospital after a car accident, you can’t just text her “How’s my baby?” because she might think you’re saying “How’s my ex-wife?”

6. The first thing that went through his head when he returned home from the bar was to call his wife and ask her to go back to bed! He just assumed that she was still sleeping!

7. He didn’t think too much about the other man buying him a drink and then kissing him on the lips.

  . And then running away before he could say no or resist without raising suspicion. He was so busy looking at his phone that he barely noticed anything else!

8. This couple bought a house together… But not together. He bought it without his wife, and she bought it with him… But in the same room! How is this possible?

9. He went out to dinner with his girlfriend from work, and she kept trying to make small talk with the waiter who was a friend of hers!

     Even though they weren’t a couple! She thought they were going to be close friends after they got married!

10. When he met her parents, he asked them if they were Italians or Irish or something else because she didn’t talk about her family all that much. 

      They looked at him strangely and responded by asking him what nationality he was!

11. He told his wife when they were in bed… But she thought he meant it when he said the “living room” when he said “in bed”!  

      And when he told her she was being dumb, she brought up a list of other things that made no sense!

12. His wife wanted to be a personal trainer to earn some extra income, but she got mad at him for being so mean to her!

      She got mad just because he told her that she could have made twice as much money if she was good at it!

13. He was so nervous about his wife making a scene at the dinner table that he had to go to the bathroom and pretend he had an upset stomach!

       He didn’t want her to embarrass him in front of his parents or their friends.

14. When he finally called his wife after being away for a while, she told him that she wouldn’t be able to talk for long because she was going on a date with their neighbor.

      And she said it with a smile, too! “The one who’s been hitting on me every time I do my laundry!?!” “Yeah, that one.”

15. After years of marriage, they were totally out of touch with each other’s romantic needs. 

      One day she said, “I’m going to start wearing makeup now. Just because I feel like it!” And he said, “That’s good! I’m glad you feel like it!”


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