Game on: Cade Bradford Knudson clicks through 5 gaming trends for 2022 and beyond

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Cade Bradford Knudson never hits pause.

When it comes to his career, the Denver-based financial executive doesn’t play either From a very young age, and he’s forged a plan for success. He’s unlocked achievements at every spot, earning magna cum laude honors in graduate school. Using a combination of analytic tools, Cade Knudson Denver has managed multi-million dollar accounts for a diverse range of clients. It’s a fast-paced, competitive environment in which he has thrived.

Cade Bradford Knudson has leveled up his personal life too. Literally.

Sure, he loves surrounding himself outdoors, taking in the natural beauty of the nearby mountains. Yet he also enjoys getting lost in the digital world too. As an avid gamer, there are endless opportunities for exploration. New technologies continue improving the experience, creating new, innovative ways for users to interact with their favorite games.

With this in mind, Cade Bradford Knudson scrolls through the five gaming trends redefining the genre.

Mobile gaming

More than likely, the next great gaming console is already in your pocket. Advancements in mobile phones have ushered in an entirely new way to play on the go. Access is a major byproduct of this evolution. As Cade Knudson Denver points out, app stores and mobile downloads offer entertainment with a lower barrier of entry.

Cloud-based gaming

Gamers are cutting the cords. Like mobile gaming, cloud-based computing has dominated the industry over the last several years. It’s already a proven concept in the gaming community. All major brands, like Microsoft, Sony, and Apple, offer cloud-based subscription services.

Virtual Reality

VR is another evolving platform. Yet, even as other industries have been quicker to adopt this technology, the growth of augmented reality has been more gradual in gaming. Expect this change. As VR headsets become less expensive and bulky, they will become more easily available for mainstream audiences.


Gaming has morphed into a spectator sport. Like any other competition, esports pits rival players or teams together in digital showdowns. It’s a simple concept that has produced large results. Rising in popularity during the global pandemic, these competitions have attracted massive audiences, sponsorships, and cash prices. This will continue to expand into the foreseeable future as cross-partnerships and promotions provide new tournaments, views, and revenue streams.

Real money gaming

Gaming is cashing in. Real-money gaming, online sportsbooks, and other play-to-earn platforms have exploded in recent years. It’s built on the classic casino concept but with a modern twist. Many of these offerings are linked to crypto or other digital currencies. Since this is still an emerging genre, Cade Knudson Denver anticipates more regulatory hurdles as regulations attempt to catch up.


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