Heart Breaking story of the 15 year old Elizabeth Brown

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 “She is as innocent as any 15-year-old can be.” 

A story about a missing girl. Elizabeth brown who went missing from ruskin. A heartbreaking story with an unlikely ending. 

Elizabeth Brown is one of America’s many missing children, but her story has a hopeful ending. 

She was abducted by her stepfather for seven years and ended up back in the arms of freedom after she was found living with him in Missouri.

This blog will share Elizabeth’s heart breaking experience with the world and encourage people to find other missing children who are also still alive today.

For Elizabeth’s family it was a “heartbreaking story of a missing child“. It is remarkable that Eliza Brown suffered from being previously abducted, an experience no one would have expected from a 15 year old. 

After being abducted by her stepfather for seven years she was finally found alive and well in Missouri after living with him for five years.

Story Of Elizabeth Brown :

1. Elizabeth Brown was born on the 12th of July, 1997. She is an American citizen who lived with her mother, father, brother and sister in Ruskin, Florida.

2. At the age of eight her parents divorced and she continued to live with her mother, but her relationship with her stepfather was strained after he moved into their house.

3. On the 2nd of January 2008 Elizabeth’s stepfather flew to Tennessee without informing anyone in his family or any family friends of his whereabouts.

4. His actions were very suspicious and the FBI was informed of his disappearance. It was around this time that Elizabeth, who was now going by the name “Emily” ran away from her school in Tennessee and eloped with her stepfather to Missouri where they had a baby girl whom they named Elizabeth after their mutual mother.

5. In October 2008 a missing person bulletin was put out on television from Tennessee asking if anyone had seen Elizabeth Brown. 

Her family still had no idea where she was, but she began contacting her family via emails from what seemed to be an internet café in Missouri.

6. It was during this time that she was informing her family of the whereabouts of her stepfather. 

She was found after she took a bus to California, where she made contact with a law firm which helped her return home.

7. After Elizabeth Brown had been missing for seven years her mother received a letter saying that she had returned home.

 It was said that “She is as innocent as any 15-year-old can be.” Her parents were astonished by the incident, but relieved to have their daughter back with them.

8. The family is now looking into the possibility of legally changing her name with the hope that her former stepfather will not find out about it.

9. Elizabeth Brown was never seriously abused by her stepfather, but his actions were very suspicious and many people still wish to learn more about what happened during her time with him.

Story Of The Move :

Elizabeth’s mother found out that she was kidnapped when she heard reports of children being abducted by their fathers. 

She was often worried about the state of her daughter’s health due to her lack of contact with them over the years. On one occasion she had to make an emergency trip to Tennessee after receiving repeated messages from Elizabeth which she could not understand. 

She immediately notified the police, but they could do nothing as the messages were sent from a laptop which had no internet access.

The FBI had been notified of her disappearance and were baffled as to why she would be contacting her family. 

They suspected that she had been abducted by her stepfather, but could not find any evidence that would confirm this.

She made contact with her family again in a letter which was sent from a hotel room where she claimed to be staying with a boyfriend named Adrian Duncan. The letter was received by the family on the 8th of January 2008, but it gave no information as to why she had disappeared or what had become of Adrian Duncan. 

Two days later Elizabeth’s father received an email from their account which said that they were in California at the time and that they would soon be returning home.

When she began updating her family on her whereabouts she began using the internet such as email and online chat rooms for contact. 

These were later changed to a special access area of a hotel where she would use a laptop to send her messages. 

She sent many emails over the time to the family, but was frustrated at how slow they would be to respond. 

At last they were able to find her and rescue her.


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