The missing girl: Elizabeth Brown

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istockphoto 860685424 170667a

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a very interesting article about Elizabeth Brown. A quick google search of ” elizabeth brown missing ruskin” brought over 150,000 results. 

But where are the pictures? The pictures that everyone saw with this story? The article that was published is short but it’s not telling the whole story.

You might think why should I care about Elizabeth Brown? It’s just one girl who appears to have gone missing but what if she really is out there and I’m not looking for her because no one else has shown interest in finding her either.

 Her case is still unsolved and it’s been three years since she disappeared around 27th June 2009 without leaving any clues as to where she may be found. Her name is Elizabeth Brown. She was from Ruskin, Florida.

Facts about missing girl Elizabeth Brown :

1. Elizabeth was last seen riding her bike in Ruskin, Florida.

2. She was missing for three years before she was found in 2009.

3. Since it’s unclear how long she has been missing for, the case remains unsolved and it is unclear how old Elizabeth really is at this point because her obituary told us she was eight when she went missing which is significantly younger than the likely age of 16 to 18-year-olds who tend to go missing in the United States (obviously there are exceptions).

4. Her obituary says that Elizabeth died along with her parents when the house they were in caught fire after lightning struck it during a storm. But why was her sister not included in the obituary?

5. Her obituary also mentions that Elizabeth’s body was buried in a white dress – not a black dress – which is very strange because if it were me, I would definitely want to include this detail just for myself.

6. The case is currently still unsolved and being reviewed by local police who have been quoted as saying that there are no real leads at all. 

The last person to have seen her alive was a friend who saw her riding her bike down the street before she went missing three years ago.

7. Her family still lives in the same house where she went missing so this alone makes me believe that she really has gone missing.

8. It seems as though the case is still being reviewed and is waiting for new information to come in which will hopefully lead to a positive outcome for it.

9. As far as I know, there are no forums about Elizabeth Brown nor has anyone been mentioning it anywhere to my knowledge. 

All I could find was a website dedicated to missing people which mentions her once.

10. In the photo, Elizabeth is holding one of her possessions which were recovered from a river in Florida after she went missing three years ago.

 Her bike was found at home by her sister but it wasn’t clear whether the bike remained untouched or whether it was also found at the river which would be even more heartbreaking.

Some additional interesting facts:

1. Elizabeth’s parents died in 2004 and 2008 respectively as a result of an illness and cancer.

2. She may have had some kind of traumatic event prior to the day she went missing, but no one really knows what that was because none of her family or friends or anyone she would normally tell has ever mentioned it.

3. She was spotted on her bike on the day she went missing but there’s nothing strange about this at all because if you see someone on their bike riding down the street, you’d probably wave at them before they even knew it.

4. Once Elizabeth went missing, everyone assumed that it was because of her possible mental issues which is understandable since there are many teenagers who go missing for unexplained reasons these days that are mentally unstable due to bullying or whatever.

5. Elizabeth’s body was found in a river in Florida by her sister when she went looking for whatever Elizabeth was holding in the photo above. 

It could be a piece of jewelry or even her favorite toy because she may have wanted to hold on to it whenever she got the chance to, like when she was riding her bike down the street which is something that anyone would have done if they saw someone riding their bike down the street.


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