Story of missing Elizabeth Brown

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“I want to tell you about Elizabeth Brown because she was my classmate.

 She was always nice, and she never seemed to mind if I got in her way or pushed her, even if it meant that she might fall down. 

She didn’t care what people thought of her and often dressed strangely with clothes from charity stores.”

Some of the points about the story of Elizabeth Brown missing :

1. This is a story about a girl named elizabeth brown who went missing from ruskin.

2. It was a hot summer day when the police went to the place where they thought she might be. They found some things that told them where Elizabeth was.

3. They found that she had left her house to go to school, but then she had gone into the long grass behind her house and fell over like someone hit her. 

When they got there, they found some blood on her clothes and it seemed like someone had taken off her shirt because of the bloody bruise on her back. 

When the police got there, they had already called an ambulance and 3 more people had come and taken her to the hospital and she was alive and well .

4. She was put on a drip with a chemical to make her sleep. 

The same people who had taken her to the hospital also took her home because she was drowsy from the drug. They said that she would be fine as long as she stayed there. 

She woke up on her own some time later, still drowsy but awake enough to talk, but no one else could find out where she lived.

5. When she woke up, she had a handful of money and a note saying “I am coming back, be ready. I am going to find my father.”

6. The police searched for her and found her with all the other missing people who had gone to the same place as she did. 

They put her in a room with lots of people who had been killed.

7. A boy named Darlene came into the room and met Elizabeth there. He was 12 at the time and he guessed who else must be in the room because of what he saw and he told Elizabeth it wasn’t fair that everyone else was dead except them two.

She told him that everyone would be okay. She was going to go and find her father.

8. Soon after Darlene had asked her if she was going to come back, she disappeared again. The police searched for a long time and they always found lots of people around Elizabeth but not Elizabeth herself .

9. Darlene talked to the police about some stuff he saw some months after this, “I saw some person who looked just like Elizabeth’s dad come into the room where she was with all the other people. They gave her something to drink and she went outside.”

10. The police searched for elizabeth. They asked the parents of some of the other people in the room if they knew who had taken Elizabeth away. No one called themselves her dad, nor did they know where she was.

11. Some more months passed before some people found out that Elizabeth had been locked up in some place, “I saw Elizabeth’s dad once with some person who looked just like him, but no one else could see them, so I don’t know what was going on.”

12. The police searched for him too, but couldn’t find anyone who looked or acted like him so they couldn’t be sure of his identity.

13. They couldn’t find anyone who could tell them where she was, and they searched for her forever and ever. They thought that she might be dead but they didn’t know for sure.

14. Some people found out that there was a place where people like Elizabeth were locked up and also a place where those who had been kidnapped were kept. The police went to try and find those places but they couldn’t find them either. 

They searched everywhere, even the bottom of the sea , but no one knew anything about it or anyone there.

15. Some people who had been kidnapped were killed, and the police thought that was just because they looked different. Some people got lost and died because they couldn’t find their way home.

16. Some people came back to their parents and told them where they had been taken. “I didn’t know where I was, so I went to the police and they sent me here to this place.”

17. Many years passed and there were many things that happened to everyone in this place .

18.  It was a long time ago and it has been a long time since then, so I can’t remember all of it, but I will tell you one thing that happened because it is really interesting.

19. A big thing that happened is that someone really scary came into the room one day. There was a sound like a loud crash and lots of shouting. 

20. Lots of people were screaming, and when everyone stopped screaming, they all saw that this person was really scary.

 He looked like a vicious monster with his eyes open in a big sleep. 

21. His black hair was all over the place and he smelled really bad, which was not good because he had been alive before. He had a voice like a broken record and when he spoke, you could hear how old it sounded saying,”Everyone must go,” in a very old sounding voice.

22.  He went to each person in turn to get them out of the room quickly because he said something about “time”.


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