How are FFXIV coins manufactured

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This article will be breaking down the process of  ffxiv manufactured coin , from start to finish.

 This includes turning a metallic ore into a metal, manufacturing the coin from this metal, and even creating the design on it. So if you’re new to ffxiv and want to know how these really cool looking coins are made, read on!

This blog is going to teach you everything about ‘How are FFXIV Coins Manufactured‘. You’ll learn everything from what materials go into making them up until they’re shipped out as well as what’s inside them as well as what goes into designing them as well! In this blog post we’ll be talking about where FFXIV Coins come from. These are known as Meteoric Iron.

These meteoric iron ingots that FF14 is based off of are called ‘Fe’ (also known as ‘FM’). They need to be melted down before the individual metal plates can be made, which is done by using a furnace called a Bronze Furnace (also known as ‘BF’), which does this for you.

Steps to show How are FFXIV coins manufactured :

1. Place a chunk of Fe to be melted in the furnace, and turn on the heat.

2. Once the furnace reaches a white-red flame, it needs to be heated to a specific temperature as well as time as shown below.

3. The furnace glows red as the main ingredient is being melted down.

 You can tell that it’s getting hotter or colder because you can see the temperature progress from red at first, then slightly changing from red to orange then finally reaching a blue color after a short time of heating up.

You’ll know when to take the Fe out when it reaches molten orange color.

 At this point you’ll need to smelt it using the Bronze Crucible (also known as ‘BC’). The reason for this is because the furnace is hotter than what’s ideal for smelting (which as we’ll discuss is a white-blue flame).

4. By now, you should be able to see blue flames appear on top of the furnace and that means that it’s ready! Make sure that you only put three ‘Fe’ into each slot then put on your gloves and pick up the Bronze Crucible and start pouring!

5. The Crucible is very large, so you’ll need to arrange diagonally to fit all ‘Fe’ into the Crucible at one time. 

This is not easy due to the large size, so reheat it up again if needed after emptying it of ‘Fe’.

6. After this, you’ll need to turn the crucible upside down and tap on it for a few seconds until you can see that all three plates (the three metal plates that was placed in the crucible) have been removed from the Crucible and placed on a sheet of Paper (also known as ‘BP’).

 These are now ready for creation!

7. Next, we need to stamp these. This step is vital to creating official FFXIV coins with the design we want!

 If we don’t use the brass die (BTD), then it won’t be possible for us to create a broad variety of designs like those pictured above.

8. When you’re stamping, make sure that you’re hitting it hard enough to create an imprint on the metal plate. The Tilt value will determine how much force needs to be exerted and this is how it’s controlled.

 A low Tilt value will cause a poor imprint, and it’s recommended to use a Tilt of around 59 degrees.

9. After 20 stamps, the pressure of the lever on the BTD is reduced and this stops an imprint from being made.

 If you attempt to press it further then it won’t make an imprint. You need to reset the Tilt value by using a crescent wrench (also known as ‘CWT’) and setting it back to 0 degrees.

10. It’s also important to rotate the BTD, otherwise you’ll end up with over-stamping which means that the design will be thinner at one end compared to another.

 You can do this by rotating it 180 degrees after every 20 stamps.

11. This part is optional, but it’s also important to have the coin polished. 

This removes any rust or dirt on the surface of the metal plates each time they are stamped out so that you can create a beautiful looking coin! 

A burr stone (also known as ‘BS’) is used for this purpose.

12. Next up, we need to pick out the design that we want to stamp onto the coin.

 If you’re unsure of what design you want, then look for designs and logos which can be seen and also coins (using Google) and find something that you like!

 This step is very important because it’s what determines what FFXIV coins will look like when they’re finally made. 

You can create different ones by rearranging the different portions of the design that you selected (so make sure to look at them closely!).


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