How to Clean and Maintain a Rug at Home

How to Clean and Maintain a Rug at Home

How to Keep Up with Rug Maintain, and Clean A Rug At Home

If rug maintenance is not done correctly, dealing with stains may be a pain.

Some methods may potentially make the stain worse, permanently embed it in the fibers, or ruin the fiber’s quality.

The Top DIY Custom Rug Maintenance Rules for Taking Care of Your Rug At Home

  1. Be vigilant in removing any stain to avoid having it become a permanent part of the rug.
  2. Cleansing solutions should not be used too liberally. To prevent spreading the stain to natural fibers and causing more difficulties for cleaning and drying, affected fibers must be thoroughly moistened with the solution.
  3. Cleansing solutions should only be diluted with cold water. Certain materials may be more easily removed with hot water, but the heat seals in displaced color pigments into the carpet fibers.
  4. When washing fluids are necessary, they should be used. Cleaning solutions that disperse particles can be used to remove any spills.
  5. Rubbing or scrubbing stains will only make them worse. Instead, apply a repetitive dabbing motion of press, release, and readjust cloth press, release, and readjust cloth repeat the process as necessary.
  6. To remove stains, never use colored or printed cloths or paper products. To clean white cotton cloths and rags, use a mild soap.
  7. The most effective way to remove a stain is to start at the edge and work your way inward


  1. If necessary, brush out any remaining stain residue gently with a toothbrush with soft hairs.
  2. If needed, a hairdryer or fan may be used to dry the cleaned area, especially if the rug is in a high traffic area where any leftover moisture will wick dirt.
  3.   Restore the carpet or rug pile with a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush. Ensure to stroke the fibers in the direction of the bank / with the nap and not against it.

How to Do Custom Rugs Maintenance Yourself

  • Yes, you can do your rug maintenance, and it’s not always necessary to hire professionals for good rug cleaning.
  • Vacuum each side of the rug thoroughly to clean it of excess debris. 
  • Once the rug is dust-free, it’s time to Shampoo the front side of the carpet. Again, use only cool water, along with a block of mild liquid dish soap or Shampoo made explicitly for rugs. 
  • A couple of things to consider in selecting the proper detergent for this type of cleaning job. 
  • For a deep clean, use a lot of the solution water. Then use the brush or sponge to scrub away from the carpet, so dirty water will be pushed out of the fibers. 
  • For a lighter clean or for cleaning antique rugs specifically, we suggest using very little water. 
  • If you cleaned your rug with a lot of water, try to squeeze out all the excess water. 
  • Dry the rug thoroughly, front and back. Afterward, lay the rug flat on the floor with the face facing up.
  • Any stiffness in the rug’s fibers can be brushed out with a vacuum or a soft-bristled brush after the now clean carpet has dried out completely.


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