How To Get The Urge To Study

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You don’t want to study and don’t know how to motivate yourself? Don’t worry, we have your back. In this article, we will give you the necessary tips on how to foster the urge to study. 

Find A Support Group

Studying in a group is the best choice, for a variety of reasons. In this specific case, you need the study group to draw motivation from others, take an example from those who are studying, and be encouraged to study in turn. Because if you find yourself with your group and you see that they are concentrating on their own subjects to prepare for sure you will not want to waste time there, but you will be tempted to imitate them and to be productive like them.

When you have someone who supports you and shares with you the same moments and the same challenges of studying (even on different subjects) you cannot lack motivation because there is always someone to keep it high. So, the first system you can adopt to regain the desire is to join a study group. 

Set Yourself A Feasible Goal

The stuck student who has so many exams behind every time the session comes back tends to want to overdo it. Last time you were a bit inconclusive so now you want to fix it and give all the subjects you can as if there was no tomorrow.

And realistically there are always difficulties, especially if you have set yourself an overly ambitious goal. As soon as you realize that the exams to take are difficult, the things to study are too many, time is short and you cannot carry on with your program, in addition to hyperventilation you will also get a block and you will not be able to go ahead because you will think you will not be able to make it.

So, from wanting to recover all the past exams you may find yourself unable to give even one or pass it with poor results. So, what do we learn from this scenario? We learn that, to begin with, we must not get too many mental fools. Got some exams back? Oh well, it also happens to the best. Quench this urge to make up for all the lost time. Your goal is to be able to pass one, to begin with, because motivation is the daughter of results.

Choose an exam, one that you know with certainty you can pass if you study properly in the time you have (you have to believe it!). And after you have passed it, you will be able to stock up on the motivation necessary to plan further. In the case of a really heavy academic load, you would need to think about how you can make it easier for yourself, like maybe delegating some of the written assignments to the essay writers. This way you’ll lessen your academic load and will be able to plan successfully further. 

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Use Study Cycles Well

The other tendency of the stuck student who wants to recover at all costs is to remain hunched over books to study for many hours a day. This thing, besides being unhealthy, is not even useful at the end of the fair! Because our brain has a saturation limit beyond which even if you continue to understand what you are reading, you cannot fix it in the head. Therefore, you understand but you do not learn.

I recommend doing 40-minute study cycles, after which you take a 10-minute break that you use to distract yourself for a moment, have a chat, have a coffee, and so on, followed by a 5-minute review of what you studied in the 40s. previous. This way your brain doesn’t get saturated, you always stay focused and sediment the things you are studying.

If the day is a bit bad and you have little desire, halve your period, and do it by 20. Is the day really bad and studying is the last thing you want to do? Then just make a little effort: 10-minute cycles.

The point is, it’s better to do a little less than to do nothing at all. Don’t be fixated on the 40 cycles if you don’t feel like it that day, because you risk starting and quitting before it’s done. The important thing is to start studying at a profit without being too fiscal. Remember that the quality of the study is important, not the quantity.


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