The Ultimate List of Uw Health Mytime.


What is Uw Health Mytime?

UW Health Mytime is an application that connects your health care providers and doctors to you, providing instant access to your personal health records.

How does it work?

UW Health Mytime offers a number of advantages over traditional office visits, including: * Faster and more convenient interaction with UW Health care providers without the wait; * Easy mobile access – no matter where you are or what device you are using* Information organized by category and location; * Ability to easily check in before arriving at an office visit. The UW Health mytime app will be available for download on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1 OS from the App Store or Google Play Store in Summer 2015.

Who can use it?

UW Health Mytime was specifically designed for UW Health patients and is currently available to anyone who resides in the greater Madison area.

Essential Features:

UW Health Mytime offers a number of key features that empower users to access and manage their personal health information. * Managing care team: Enrollment and management of healthcare providers * Personal health record: Individualized view of health care data * Prescriptions: List, renew, refill and cancel prescription * Lab results: Real-time access to lab results from within the app * Immunizations: Schedule immunizations, monitor your immunization status, and get reminders for upcoming vaccinations

* Family Health History & Patient Education Resources: Enroll in the UW Health Mytime program by linking your outside insurance with the UW Health Mytime application or by calling 608-262-4123.

My time with Uw Health mytime:

My time with UW health mytime has been so utterly amazing.  I have been a member of their website and have been in touch with them since they first started their website.  They have always been very helpful, friendly and nice to me.  I never feel like they are rushing me or that they don’t have time to talk to me or help me out.  I have never felt that they don’t care about me as a person.  

The website is always easy to use and I love the new UW Health mytime app.  I can check in online with my doctors and see what tests I need done or what I will be getting done at my doctor appointments.  It is very helpful to be able to see all of this on one page with all of my information, rather than having to go to so many different pages on the website or keep track of things in a notebook (which I used to do).

The app is also very easy to use and I can see all of my appointment times and what doctors I am seeing.  I love the fact that I can check in online whenever I want to.  Also they have an instant messenger which is so nice because it prevents me from having to call or leave a message or have to wait for a call back.  When you go into their offices, there are always at least two people that help you.  I feel like there is at least one person in the office who is always busy helping someone else rather than talking directly with me, which means that the other person has to devote more time to me.


* Your health information organized by categories, locations and providers

* Ability to check-in before arriving at an office visit

* Ability to change appointments on the go

* Instant messenger access

* Find provider locations and contact information

* Review and change your healthcare preferences

* Medical history overview

* Receive email reminders for upcoming appointments

* Access to ongoing care on-demand

* Ability to send and receive messages through UW Health mytime app

* Instant notification of future visits, reminders for appointments, and online appointment scheduling. This information can be sent to multiple providers if desired * Medical history summary 

* Strategic patient communication strategies, including weekly adjusted communications plan for all patients that are getting a flu shot. This information can be found within the UW Health mytime app.  It is always so nice for me to be able to talk with someone in real life about my problems without having to wait for a call back or leave a message then have no idea when I will get a response.


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