Ideas For Planning The Perfect Welcome Home Party

Home Party

Returning home after quite some time has a distinct feel to it. You may be expecting your close ones to return from college or other studies abroad, work abroad, military, or due to any other reasons. It would be a happy moment, both for you and them. You can say “Welcome Home” when they return, but do you think it’s satisfactory? No, you can express your joys in several means. And one of the best options is throwing a welcome home party upon their arrival. They will love it, and you will see the happiness in their eyes once they see the efforts you have put into welcoming them. So the best ways to plan a welcome back party includes:

Invite the close people

If you want to throw a welcome home party to celebrate the return of your close person, then you have to prepare. They can be your close friend or even a family member. Now that you are preparing for the party, invite some people that are close to them. They will love to see they are people once they are back. So get ready with a list and start inviting them quickly.

Get a delicious “welcome back” cake.

Every party has a tradition of cake cutting, and so come with a welcome back party. Since the welcoming party is unique for the person you will welcome, even the cake should be special. Order a delicious and marvellous cake with the favourite flavour of the person that you will welcome. Do you reside in Chennai? If so, then order cake online in Chennai. Get a cake with “welcome back” written on it.

Prepare your house to welcome them.

You need to decorate your house beautifully to welcome them. A nicely decorated house will brighten up your party, and the guest of honour would love it. You can decorate the home with loads of balloons and beautiful lights as well. That way, you will be preparing the house for the welcoming session.

Get ready for the party.

Not only the house but even you need to get ready for the party. After all, you cannot welcome someone with your pyjamas on. Even tell your guests to get ready nicely for the party. So, get your favourite piece of clothing and start getting prepared. Then, you are prepared to welcome them.

Get a list of beautiful music.

Music soothes everyone. Any party would become a lot better with some music and dance. So get yourself a music list with all the good welcome songs and dance music. You can play the welcome songs when they enter and then get some dance music to dance to it.

Unlock the doors; hide before they enter.

A better idea would be to surprise them when they enter the house. You would want them to enter the house by themselves so unlock the doors. Unlocking the door means that the guest of honour would be able to enter the house without you having to open it up for them. Hide once you have turned off the lights; tell others to do the same.

Get ready with delicious food or Desserts

Upon coming back, your close person would want some of their favourite foods. Please cook it yourself. However, you can also get online delivery if you can’t cook under some circumstances. A party without food feels incomplete, especially if it’s a welcome home party. So, order online cake or some yummy food and make them feel “finally at home”. That way, they can enjoy their arrival back home after quite a long time. 

Give them a surprise.

Once the guest of honour enters the house, quickly turn on the welcome music, and everyone says welcome home out loud. Then, turn the lights on, and start clapping. They will feel happy and surprised. So please give them a surprise and begin the party after the reunion is done.


When someone comes home after a long time, then they are treated with special care. So prepare a nice welcome party for them and make them feel special. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to throw the perfect welcome party.


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