How Much Can I Be Compensated After my Slip and Fall Injury?

Fall Injury

If you experience a slip and fall injury on a private or business property due to hazardous conditions, you can consider a lawsuit. The claim could help you pay for your medical costs and other activities involved. So, after a slip and fall injury, how much will you be compensated? Would the insurance pay for the damages? 

It would be best to understand the factors behind the settlement. You must also understand the worthiness of filing the claim after a slip and fall accident. Keep in mind that compensation for slip and fall injuries has no set amount. The amount paid will come down to various factors after such an accident. One of the determining factors is the law in a specific state. If the amount you get compensated will vary, what leads to that? To understand the factors that affect legal compensation after your injury, read on.

Medical Expenses 

After the slip and fall accident, the first thing to do is seek medical attention. The amount you are charged for medical services is what your attorney will evaluate. All the medical treatments, either past or future, related to an injury are the leading points determining the case’s value. 

In this situation, the amount will refer to the total money paid by your health insurance and others from your pocket. In addition, the attorney has to calculate future surgeries, medications, or therapy you need in your life due to the accident. 

For a case to be valid, it must include the total amount of medical expenses. In other words, you will be sure that the insurance company will compensate you for all the amount used in medical care. 

Pain and Suffering 

The other factor in determining the amount to be compensated is pain and suffering. However, these aren’t calculated or guaranteed like the medical costs. Pain and suffering is a variable component that depends on the severity of the injuries you get after the slip and fall accident. The attorney will look at medical costs and type of injury. He will use the multiplier depending on the past cases to determine the value of your pain and suffering. 

Depending on the injury, some qualify to be paid a higher amount because they tend to make you suffer more. Some of these are long-term injuries because they may leave you disabled or disfigured permanently. They will therefore have a higher value than the injuries you can recover quickly. 

Lost Wage Value 

After the accident, you will miss work due to injuries. The insurance should cover the lost wages. To be paid for your lost wage value, you should verify the amount and time you missed work. Your pay stub and employer can do that. 

Value of Lost Earning Capacity 

You will find some injuries leaving you permanently disabled. It means you may never return to work after the injury. Sometimes, you are forced to take less-paying jobs due to the severity of the injuries. In such a situation, you are entitled to get compensation from loss of earning potential.


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