Important Factors You Know Before Starting Basement Waterproofing


If you are living in Pakistan, then you could implement some cool ideas in your basements, such as having a mini cinema or gaming room. Despite the numerous advantages of having basements, there are some negative attributes that coincide with it. One of the major drawbacks that come with having a basement is flooding or water leakage. 

If you own a basement, then there is no way you can get away from basement waterproofing expenses. But we have gathered some of the essential details that you should know before starting basement waterproofing. 

The following are the things that you should know before availing waterproofing services.

Identify the water damage signs:

In order to begin with waterproofing services, you must initially identify the water damage signs. Usually, the major cause of having such issues is ignorance, and people tend to ignore the problem in the initial stage when it could be resolved by little waterproofing services. Regularly inspecting your basement could prevent you from facing huge losses, which could result in damage to your physical or financial health. It is highly recommended for you to check and inspect your basement, specifically after heavy rain. Every basement is designed and developed differently, therefore, it is recommended that you first analyze your basement completely and then arrive at a decision.

There are possibilities that you could find major leaks or moisture in your basement after a rain. Once, you find any of these, the first thing that should come up in your mind should be dialling for waterproofing services. The more you would delay getting basement waterproofing, the riskier it could get for you. 

Cost of getting basement waterproofing: now v/s later

The cost of getting basement waterproofing is one of the crucial elements that play a vital role in finalizing your decision. Before you rush towards getting waterproofing services, you must compare the cost of waterproofing today to the cost of waterproofing in a couple of months, or in the next season. The reason behind doing so is that the basement waterproofing might turn out to be expensive during the monsoon season and could be less expensive during the offseason. However, this does not mean that you should delay getting basement waterproofing, observe the condition of your basement and then decide if your basement is strong enough to make through the existing or upcoming weather cycle.

Another reason for putting your basement waterproofing in the following month could be a shortage of funds to finance the waterproofing service. If you could not afford to get basement waterproofing now, that does not mean you would never be able to get it done. You can get it done when the prices would slightly decrease or when you would have ample money to do so.

Basement waterproofing options 

Life is full of options, and so is basement waterproofing. By the term ‘options’ here, we do not mean the specific waterproofing service provider in Karachi, but we mean the approaches or phrases that you might use in order to get your basement waterproofed. 

There are three different ways through which you could get basement waterproofing. An instant fix, long term repair, or a combination of both the options. 

Interior or exterior 

Before getting basement waterproofing done, you should know exactly which area of your basement requires the waterproofing service. The two main options that you have in this category are either interior or exterior basement waterproofing, this totally depends upon the condition of your basement.  

Initially, getting waterproofing service for the interior is the best option, as it would stop the water from entering the pillar, as well as the constructional material of your home, therefore, the contact with water would not be able to weaken its strength.

But sometimes, the water reaches the surface level, and this is when you could opt for the interior basement waterproofing. When you are sure that you cannot go for exterior waterproofing service, or you do not have such an infrastructure where you could implement exterior waterproofing service, then make the selection of interior waterproofing service.


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