Important qualities needed to be a good leader


There is a list of specific qualities required if you are to be considered a leader, and a good one at that.  Intelligence, assertiveness, adaptability and conscientiousness are just four of these qualities, but perhaps the most important ones.

Leaders capable of transforming situations and people are incredibly positive, empowering and inspiring. They are able to inspire others to do better. And that could even be how to be a better player at a Croco casino!  But fortunately, it is possible to develop these leadership qualities and skills and, therefore, become a better and more successful leader.

Transformational leaders generally possess qualities such as enthusiasm, passion, authenticity and have bags of energy. A genuine leader is interested not only in helping the group attain its goals but in helping each individual member fulfil their potential.

Below is a list of ways that you can enhance your leadership skills and even use some of them to improve the way in which you live your everyday life.

Understand your style of leadership

It is important to understand your leadership style.  You need to really look at your strengths and figure out the areas in which you need to improve.  Recognizing your leadership qualities and understanding where you need to improve is the first step to becoming a better leader.

Promote creativity

Effective leadership means that those under their guidance are encouraged to express their creativity.  Intellectual stimulation is a quality vital to transformational leadership and therefore they should make sure that their followers are challenged but at the same time get the support they need in order to achieve their goals.   It is important to offer challenges that are achievable. You want people to be stretched in order to succeed and not to be discouraged by failure.

Be a good role model

Transformational leaders walk the walk and talk the talk.  Successful leaders embody the behaviors and qualities that they expect and encourage in their followers.  When leaders exemplify these characteristics then group members admire them and want to be just like them.

Studies have found that good leaders are able to cultivate particular beliefs and then pass on that inspiration to the group. This will lead group members to perform well and achieve their goals.

Good leaders need to exemplify the qualities that they want to see in their group members.

Be enthusiastic and passionate

Good leaders will be full of enthusiasm and passion for the projects that they are promoting.  Real leadership means really caring about the goals of the group. Leaders should express their excitement and enthusiasm about the progress of members of group and the overall project at hand.  Group members need to feel appreciated for the contributions they are making and good leaders will make sure that this happens.

Develop good listening and communication skills.

One on one relationships with group members should be cultivated by a good and transformational leader.  Being a great leader means you can communicate your vision to group members and inspire them in turn to be motivated by it.

Good leaders make sure that they show care and concern for members of their team and this can be by verbal or non-verbal means.  By making sure that everyone is able to communicate freely, means they feel able to make contributions and leaders can be sure that members’ achievements are also acknowledged.

Cultivate a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude is inspirational for followers.  If a leader lacks positivity and enthusiasm then followers will likely become disenchanted.  Even at times when all is not necessarily going the way you would like, it is important to try to remain positive.  That does not mean seeing things unrealistically. It means staying focused and keeping optimistic in spite of difficulties and challenges that come up.

Welcome contributions from others

It is important that members of your group feel that they can offer suggestions and ideas and that they will be welcome.  Leaders should encourage participation of all team members even though ultimately the final decision will be theirs.  This is termed democratic leadership and studies have found that this style of leadership leads to “greater commitment, more creative problem-solving and improved productivity.”

Motivate your group members

A good leader will inspire their followers into action.  Members should feel motivated to take part in the different projects of the group. Motivational speeches are not necessarily what is called for.  If a leader is excited and passionate about a goal or project and makes sure that members also feel included and rewarded for their contributions then this makes for a good inspirational leader.

Acknowledge and reward members for their contributions

Rewarding team members for their hard work is the most important way for a follower to feel appreciated.  And it goes without saying that happy people are more productive.

Always look to try new ideas

Developing leadership qualities is an ongoing process.  You can look for new ways to inspire your followers and be sure to get their feedback.  Take note of things that have worked well in the past and keep your eyes and ears open for new ways to inspire and motivate followers.


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