Why Mom Was Right About Believer

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People believe all sorts of ridiculous things like why was Athenian democracy so groundbreaking, which can be quite a problem if the idea has any bearing on reality. There’s a reason that people have given so much lip service to the phrase “mother knows best.” From time to time, mom is wise enough to know how things are going to turn out. Whether it be because she has an uncanny knack for picking up on ulterior motives or she can read people like an open book, there’s just something about mom that most kids don’t have.

1. Mother Knows Best

This phrase is so ingrained into the American psyche that we can’t function without it. More than anything else, mother knows best explains the sense of security that kids have with their mother. The phrase is the truth behind this sense of protection. That’s how mothers gain their reputation as “perfect” – they seem so in control of everything in life and they are doing everything they can to be a good parent. It’s natural for most people to want to trust these people and it makes them feel content with their choices.

2. No One Understands Me Like My Mother

A very common thing to hear is something along the lines of “My mom knows what I need before I do. I can tell her anything.” There’s a reason this concept is so strong in children’s minds: they are young and naive and have yet to understand the true nature of the world. Kids feel that they can’t go wrong with their mother because she has been exposed to them as they grow up. She knows everything about them, good or bad, so she knows exactly what to steer them towards or away from. Kids feel very protected by these notions because it means that no one else will have this kind of insight into their lives.

3. My Mother Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself

Some people believe that mom always knows best, even if mom is sometimes wrong. For most people who hear this phrase growing up, it’s hard to imagine that anything their mother said would be incorrect. There is a very close relationship between mom and child and it’s natural for kids to think that the only way someone knows you is if they are related to you. This creates a very special bond that most people don’t have with anyone else. This allows them to understand one another on a level that goes beyond words, which means mom also knows when things need to be kept secret from the rest of the world.

4. Most People Think That You Should Listen To Your Mother

Most people are taught as children to listen to their mothers, so they do so throughout their lives. This creates a very strong foundation for their relationship and makes mom their favorite confidant. It’s a very important part of growing up because it teaches kids how to listen to people who they don’t have so much in common with. This allows them to relate to others later in life and creates a sense of maturity that is hard to obtain otherwise.

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5. Mom Knows What’s Best For You

We all want what we think is best for our children and parents are no different. They want their kids to be happy, popular and successful, which requires the parent to do what they think is best for the child in question. This can be very difficult because the parent isn’t always privy to knowledge that may change how they view something. When parents know best, it’s because they see the child from a very different angle than most people.

6. Nothing Is More Important Than A Mother’s Love

This is quite possibly the most important concept behind this phrase. If a mother really does know best, then there’s no other way to describe what kind of love she has for her children. It’s unconditional and it comes from a place that is pure and good, which is an almost impossible combination to find in this day and age. A lot of times it feels like mom knows best because she doesn’t need anything from her child in order to love them wholeheartedly.

7. A Mother’s Love Is Forever

Some people believe that a mother’s love is never ending. People can come and go, but a mother will always be there to love you and take care of you when no one else can. This is one of the most powerful concepts behind this phrase because it explains how parents are able to do what they do. It doesn’t have anything to do with knowing the right thing to do or secretly wanting something from the child; it all comes back to love and that’s a very powerful force in this world. 

8. My Mother Knows Everything About Me

There are many times in a child’s life where mom is able to know exactly what they did or why. This is more of an assumption than anything, but it happens from time to time. When this does happen, the child has no choice but to take their mother’s word for everything that happened. They will not question the matter because it was inconvenient enough when it happened that they didn’t want to know anymore.


These are just a few of the many reasons why mom knows best. She has an almost divine insight into most people’s lives and she’s usually more than willing to share it. This is how she gets her reputation as the perfect parent and it allows people to feel comfortable with their decisions. Instead of trying to figure out every situation on their own, kids can rely on their mother to guide them in the right direction. It’s not always easy to always know what’s best, but this phrase makes it sound like mom has a gift that most people don’t have.


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