10 Podcasts About Believer

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Believer is a show that takes on pop culture, exploring movies, TV shows, music and more. It is hosted by Cody and Haddie about God.

There are plenty of podcasts for believers to choose from which can be a great way to deepen your faith or get some good laughs. These podcasts are not just good for the blog post but will be helpful in your journey of believing. What religious relic does chartres cathedral house?

1. Skeptics with a K Podcast:

This is my top favorite podcast and I get great laughs from it. The hosts (Dale McGowan, Jason Jones and Brian Malow) talk about different topics including Creationism, atheism, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism and other religions or views. They also discuss many aspects of Christianity and world views that are not so extreme. They have done shows about the Bible, other religions and the truth about Christianity as well as debating with atheists on the show.

The hosts are knowledgeable on their subjects as well as funny due to their banter between each other. You will laugh your butt off at this podcast that is always fun to listen to.

2. The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe:

The Skeptics Guide is a show that is hosted by Steve Novella, a veteran in the field. The show has been around since 2003 and has been on many times, mostly on the Blog Talk Radio platform. This podcast has become synonymous with skeptical views and provides many varieties of science news that is not normally presented.

It features topics such as creationism and evolution, health, religion and other issues involving science, medicine or just plain old common sense. They have also featured guest speakers with their perspective on different matters or beliefs they have been exposed to in their own lives.

3. Skeptically Yours:

This podcast is hosted by Michael Marshall who has a great voice that makes his show very comfortable to listen to. He talks about how the evolution of religion and philosophy has evolved over time and how it affects us today. He also talks about skeptics in other countries as well as different organizations that he is involved in, such as the Merseyside Skeptics Society, London Black Atheists Group, the National Secular Society and more.

4. God Discussion:

Another hilarious podcast that has had numerous guests is God Discussion. This is a weekly show that discusses how faith and science are related, as well as how they are not at all. How belief can affect someone’s life and should be integrated into society. It also goes into the great lengths people have gone to prove that their gods exist, for instance, sacrificing animals to them or going on a long journey just to find the truth about their gods.

5. Dogma Debate:

Dogma Debate is hosted by Whitley Gordon who uses logic and reason to disprove religious claims. He has had many guests with various views in religion such as Christianity, Islam, Mormonism and more. He takes on the facts and beliefs of a religion and talks about them in complete detail.

This podcast is full of logic, reason and knowledge with the audience getting many laughs along the way. You will not only learn your beliefs are wrong but get some great laughs while you do it. This is a great podcast that has been around since 2007.

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6. The Moral Atheist:

This podcast comes from Brian Flemming who is also known as Blamegod or Flemming as he was once known on Twitter. He discusses many issues like morality, atheism, religion and more. He has had many guests such as Rebecca Watson with the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, Paul Provenza, Jamie Kilstein and many other fellow atheists.

7. God Awful Movies:

God Awful Movies is hosted by Evan Bernstein, who is also a standup comedian in the Washington DC area. He takes on religious movies which can be some of the most famous and influential ones in today’s society, such as The Passion of The Christ. He gives his views on how they are awful to watch and why they are just pure nonsense in terms of their beliefs.

8. The Skeptic Zone:

The Skeptic Zone has a weekly show that discusses the latest in science news, including what is going on in space and research being done. They also discuss different topics in the media like current debates about global warming, health, science and more. They talk about how religion has affected the world and how it can be a bad influence on our lives.

Takes on the rumors of something being true and what is fact or fiction, getting to know why some people believe certain things as well as how they came to their beliefs.

9. The Thinking Atheist:

This is a podcast by Seth Andrews that has great guests and topics, ranging from how people come to their own conclusions as atheists to how the universe works. His podcast features many different groups of people who have different beliefs and how it affects them in their lives.

10. The Scathing Atheist:

This is a hilarious show hosted by Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame along with his brother, a former Christian minister named Raymond Jillette. They discuss all aspects of religion, atheism and belief while they also have many guests on the show. It is a very funny show with great dialogue between them as well as the guests.


There are plenty of podcasts out there that will take on all aspects of your belief, causing you to question it. No matter what your beliefs are, these shows will get you thinking and open up your mind to other possibilities.

With today’s technology, people can learn much faster than ever before. If you want to learn about different topics and subjects, then listen to these podcasts for I am sure you will be entertained as well as educated on topics or views that are not presented in the media or by your friends or family.


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