Ins can planas- what does it mean?

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Ins can planas- what does it mean?

Moodle ins can planas is a slang term that has become an internet meme. 

This phrase has become popularized through 4chan posts that uses ins can planas in the title to express how ridiculous they find social movements. 

The use of this phrase has expanded to other communities on the internet, including Tumblr and Reddit.

This article will explore the meaning behind this meme, its origins, variations of it, and how it began becoming popularized through 4chan posts. 

It will also explore how this phenomenon came about with examples from their own community before coming into mainstream media in 2017.


There are no exact origins of the term, but it can be believed to have first appeared on 4chan. This phrase has had many variations of it, including “ins candas” and “ins can tras’ ‘. 

It means “in spirit.” The use of this term on 4chan developed into an internet meme that was used to express how ridiculous someone or someone’s found social norms. 

The use of this phrase on 4chan is associated with leftist movements. Many people who are part of the alt-right community on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms have used this phrase as a way to make fun of left-leaning users who often discuss social movements.

On 4chan

Before the phrase became popularized by 4chan posts, there were other variations of it that appeared on the site.

 It first began as “ins candas”, which was a play on words using “ins and outs” and “Canada and Tras”, which is an acronym for Canada and Transylvania.

 This was used as a way to make fun of people who wanted to move to Canada after Donald Trump’s presidential election win.

Facts about ins canas planas :

1. The internet meme originates from 4chan, an image board website.

2. The phrase can be used to express how ridiculous someone finds social norms.

3. There has been evidence of the term being referenced on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Tumblr, and many other sites on the internet.

4. The political stances of the people who are using this phrase are mainly associated with right-wing beliefs.

5. The term is also used to make fun of left-leaning social movements.

6. This phrase has been used to troll people who are part of the alt-right, which is a right-wing group.

7. The 4chan post which is associated with ins canas planas originated from a thread on 4chan’s /b/ (random) board about an image of a dog looking like it is about to puke.

 It was posted by an anonymous user and had the caption: “I just realized my dog is racist and I just noticed this.”

 The phrase ins candas appeared in the second to last post on that thread, and it quickly became popularized.

8. A picture of the dog was posted in an /int/ (international) thread on 4chan with the caption: 

“if you don’t like it my good sir, go back to ins candas and planas and fap and jerk and moan and cry and complain about having to pay taxes”.

9. A thread was made on /pol/ (politically incorrect) board on 4chan, featuring a picture of a woman who is naked from the waist down. 

The last post of this thread has the phrase ins can planas. It is believed that the person who made this post was referring to social movements which involve women’s rights.

10. The most popular 4chan post with ins can planas used as a title was the one that featured the dog puking.

11. It is believed that the term ins candas came first, and this was used by an alt-right user on Twitter, who posted an image of two women taking part in a “cry-in” on October 23rd, 2015. 

The caption of this image was “women’s rights march protest against the Trump win”.

12. The same user posted another meme of a girl with the words “I hope people won’t think I’m racist because I’m angry about social justice winners” on November 6th, 2016.

13. On Reddit, there was an image that was posted on August 11th, 2016 called “ins candas face paint”. The image shows a pastel rainbow colored gun that has mascara running off of it. 

Another Reddit post that used this phrase as its title was added on March 19th, 2017 by an alt-right user who posted an image called “ins candas graffiti”. 

This image shows a drawing of an all male group that is standing in front of a wall with the word “woke” written on it.

14. On Twitter, the term ins canas planas was first used by this user on January 19th, 2017. This person posted an image of an angelic figure with the sword and shield emoji and said: 

“Finally I can watch any movie without being triggered/manipulated by the SJWs’ ‘. Other than that post, this user has made many tweets that used this term as its title such as: “ins candas for Trump ” and “ins candas for free speech”.


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