Top weapon tier list for gamers

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If you’ve been playing Nuclear Throne for a while now, you would know how fun it can be.

 You also probably know that there are many weapons to choose from and all of the launchers deal different amounts of damage. Here is a list of the best weapons in nuclear throne with little breakdowns about each weapon.

nuclear throne weapon tier list: top 10 guns, 10 gun combos, and an explanation for each gun’s damage and uses!

Top nuclear weapon tier list for gamers :

1. Laser Sword

The laser sword is at the top of the list because it is extremely overpowered. You are practically invulnerable when using this weapon. 

It is very easy to dodge attacks with the laser sword. If you are looking for a safe weapon in the Nuclear Throne, this is it.

2. Fish Gun

There are many different guns that shoot fish in Nuclear Throne, but the one that plays most differently from others is the fish gun.

 The fish gun is in my opinion 10x better than any other gun in the Nuclear Throne! It shoots in a wide arc and can hit multiple enemies at once. I believe that the fish gun is one of the most interesting weapons in the Nuclear Throne!

3. Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher has a wide arc and decent damage. Being able to shoot grenades in different directions with this weapon is super cool.

 It has decent range and it makes you feel like you are playing a more traditional shooter than other shooters in Nuclear Throne. If you want that classic arcade action then this weapon is for you.

4. Cannon

The cannon is a very powerful gun in the Nuclear Throne. It has decent range and it’s pretty easy to use.

 If you are looking for a gun that can go head to head with the laser sword, then this is your best bet. If you want to be able to take out multiple enemies with one shot then this weapon will be your weapon of choice in the nuclear throne.

5. Scythe

This weapon has great range and can hit multiple enemies at once. 

This gun can be used very effectively against fast enemies, but it is pretty weak against enemies with high defense.

 If you want a weapon that is good at getting rid of multiple enemies quickly, then this is one of your best choices.

6. Grenade Launcher II

The grenade launcher II is a more powerful version of the grenade launcher. It has higher damage and longer range than the original grenade launcher! 

This is a more powerful version of the same gun. 

It’s not superior to the original grenade launcher, but if you want more power then this weapon will work for you! 

I would only recommend using the original grenade launcher over the II if you never had any problems with it in Nuclear Throne!

7. Multigun

The Multi gun is another interesting weapon in the Nuclear Throne. It is very powerful against bosses, but is very ineffective against normal enemies.

 This is a great choice if you are planning on taking on a boss with this weapon. It also does good damage against crowds of enemies.

 If you are looking for a gun that can handle multiple enemies at once, then this would be your best option.

8. Disintegrator

This weapon has decent range, but it isn’t very effective against bosses or fast moving enemies! 

This gun has only 1 shot and doesn’t have an extended clip, which means you will need to reload very quickly. 

This gun is really good for dealing with crowds of enemies. If you are looking for a slow firing weapon that deals a lot of damage against groups of enemies, this would be a good choice.

9. Scythe II

This is a more powerful version of the original scythe. 

The scythe II fires faster and can do more damage than the original scythe! This is an awesome choice if you want to be able to take on multiple enemies quickly with quick fire!

 It’s not as effective against bosses or normal enemies, but if you like the scythe then I would recommend using this one over the original!

10. Machine Gun

The machine gun is very effective against enemies with low defense. It can basically rip through enemies with 0 defense.

 This weapon doesn’t have a lot of range, but it makes up for it with damage! If you are looking for a gun that is super powerful against groups of normal enemies, then this would be the best choice for you in Nuclear Throne.

 I would only recommend this weapon if you are trying to take out normal enemies with ease. This thing is pretty useless against bosses and fast moving enemies!


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