Learn Nuclear Throne Weapon Tier List in Ten Minutes

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Nuclear Throne Weapon Tier List in Ten Minutes

If you’re just starting out in Nuclear Throne, we’ve compiled a short list of the best weapons to use in the early game. 

The recommended weapon for beginners is the Triple Shotgun because it’s easy to manage and powerful 

when paired with a Zapgun and War Club. For mid and late game, we recommend switching to your favorite gun

 if it has an appropriately large upgrade path. If you want something with good range for aiming at far enemies, 

go with the Double Shotgun or Flak Cannon. If you like doing close quarter combat using the blade, 

the Hammer is your best friend. For ranged weapons that can do damage while flying, use the 

Light Cannon to fire out of the air. If you’re looking for a weapon that can handle both short range and long range damage, 

go with something like the Relic Launcher or Flame Cannon.

As always, make sure to refer to our list of all available weapons in Nuclear Throne found here . 

You should also read about how item pickups work by reading our Item Pickup Guide .

Good luck killing things in Nuclear Throne!

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Nuclear Throne can be found here 

https://store.steampowered.com/app/381660/Nuclear_Throne/ Reply Delete

Hello, I’ve searched numerous times for this particular topic but all I’ve found are posts about the top 5 weapons in Nuclear Throne for beginners, 

which are nice but I feel that they’re not really in-depth enough to help me find my way in the game. 

This is why I hope you’ll let me know what tier list you’ve got that covers both the beginning and end game in more depth. Thank you, – Xyria Reply Delete

Hello again, so sorry for not responding earlier. With regards to your question, I only know the 1st three weapons. 

But if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask! – Admin Delete

The double shotgun/flak cannon combo are quite good for starting out. They also share upgrades 

so it’s easier to get both of them at max power. Reply Delete

Thanks for the answer! What are the other guns that are good for beginners? I’ve read the other tier list 

but it doesn’t really cover early game very well. Reply Delete

Hi, the best gun for beginners is the Tri-Shotgun . It is powerful, has lots of ammo and is very easy to use. Reply Delete

Thanks for the response. I’m still wondering if there are any other guns that are good for beginning players. Reply Delete

ho ho ho… it’s actually me, your friendly neighborhood anon! i was bored so i wrote this tier list… should i post it officially? Reply Delete

i have a question about getting berserk mode. should you only go after the first level or upgrade first?

 this was recommended to me by a friend so im a bit lost on which path should i take once i find a pack. Reply Delete

This is my tier list that i found on the internet for beginner players. This is not my tier list, i came across it on the internet. 

This might not be the tier list you are looking for. my tier list goes over weapons until level 10 or higher,

 but they are most likely still usable up to level 5 Reply Delete  nuclear throne weapon tier list

I found this article by accident while searching Nuclear Throne Tier List . Still reading. Reply Delete

Great work on this piece of work! Thank you for everything you do! Reply Delete

Hi my name is Xyria and I’m new in the game. I’m trying to decide which gun to buy first and if I should buy a shield. Please help! Reply Delete

The single most useful tip I can think of is that the orb pickup is much more powerful than you may realize. 

It has a huge amount of ammo, much higher than you would think, and will last for a good while. 

In terms of the trident, the best upgrades are as follows: – The blue orb upgrade – The green orb upgrade –

 The red orb upgrade So if you have been lucky enough to get any, those upgrades would be your first priority as 


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