Lets check what chair does Mama Murphy want?

daniil silantev 1P6AnKDw6S8 unsplash
daniil silantev 1P6AnKDw6S8 unsplash

When my 4th grade teacher asked us to find out what color chair Mama Murphy wanted, 

I was given a simple task. I had never given much thought to chairs in my life, so this task seemed like it would be easy. 

Walking through the crafts store, I thought about all of the different colors that they had and how beautiful they all were. 

Along with their beauty, they had special meanings. Red was for good luck, yellow was for happiness, green was nature, blue was the sky and white was peace. 

I looked in my mind’s eye at each color that I thought of in turn.

I then pictured in my mind the kind of chair that Mama Murphy wanted. 

A strong white wooden chair with cool seats to sit in when she watched her grand babies run around playing

 on the couch or on the floor next to her chair when she watches TV or reads a book. 

The goal of each one of us is simple; we want to live our lives to the fullest and be able to do so by doing what makes us happiest. 

The feeling of happiness we derive from something we do is priceless and we should strive to do only those things that can make us happy.

 I thought about all of these things as I tried to find the perfect chair for the teacher and Mama Murphy.

I walked down the aisles and suddenly thought this will be so much easier than I previously thought. 

However, as I thought this, I suddenly began to doubt myself. Could it be that easy? Could a chair really make a person happy? 

What if it can’t? This was a question that was fighting to get out of my mouth but 

I wasn’t going to let that happen because then all of my time spent thinking would have been for nothing. 

After all, if I didn’t find this chair I could just ask the teacher to let me return it.

I continued to walk through the store looking at chairs that were varying colors. 

When I found the perfect chair that I was looking for, it had ridges on the seat and a light green color 

that matched Mama Murphy’s eyeshadow perfectly. The last thing I needed to find was a perfect match

 for her eyeshadow and since it had been proven that a colored egg can change color, why not a chair? 

The other thing that I needed was a matching cushion for Mama Murphy’s great couch.

I nodded to myself as I knew that this was the perfect match for both of these things. 

I had just found what Mama Murphy was looking for. I sat it on a little table and took a seat on it. 

The last thing that I needed to do was make sure the cushion matched the chair perfectly by putting it next to it and testing it out. 

That’s when my worst fear came true; I found a chair that matched everything!

 The lady in the store had been wrong about which color would match up with Mama Murphy’s eyeshadow, as well as her couch as you will soon see.

I was so happy that I stopped to have lunch at the deli on the way home. 

The food was good but the best part of my day would be finding what Mama Murphy wanted

. I knew that I had to tell her that she was wrong about which chair would make her happy because  what kind of chair does mama murphy want

if she didn’t like it, then I wouldn’t be able to give it back to the store. It was now time to let Mama Murphy know that

 I had found the perfect chair for her, but she never found out because the next thing that happened took my breath away.

It was around 3 o’clock when I got home from school. Mama Murphy loves to have her grandchildren over 

at her house so she can play with them and watch them while she does so. Since it was so early in the morning, 

I thought that there might not be too many people outside playing on the street at this time of day.

 As I came up to my house, I saw a few cars parked outside and noticed that there were three people standing in front of the door talking about something.

As I walked up to them, I saw that it was a man with a very serious look on his face and a woman in her late 20s 

with blonde curly hair and a woman in her late 30s with black curly hair. Both of the women were looking in Mama Murphy’s direction. 

The man asked the woman, “Should we go in and check to see if she needs any help?” 


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