Kerala tour schedule: Step by Step Guide

Kerala Honeymoon Packages
Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Getting Ready For Your Dream Kerala Trip 

Before doing any assessment, close the number of days you can spend on your Kerala event. This is fundamental as you can pick spots to visit as per your leave so to speak. 

If you are having enough leave from office, experience differing spots of enthusiasm for Kerala, and with the help of your visit organizer finish the number of days. In the two cases, freeze your appearance and flight dates. Get in touch for amazing places and 

Once your Kerala visit group is done, you can book your goes to Kerala. While booking ahead trip, it’s reliably judicious to book up to Cochin. Trivandrum is another decision – book up to Trivandrum just if your first objective is Kovalam or Kanyakumari. Calicut is satisfactory just if your first objective is Wayanad. 

Cochin is in like manner spelled as Kochi and is in any case called Ernakulam. While booking a vehicle you can make the booking to Ernakulam. For flights, make the booking to Cochin or Kochi (zone code is COK). Utilizing any methods, endeavor to show up at Cochin as exactly on schedule as possible to cover most outrageous spots in our Kerala visit Kerala Honeymoon Packages for best places just visit.

Voyagers from Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, and Hyderabad can reach Kerala by means of train, flight or transport. From Coimbatore, transport is the best decision. If you are going from Bangalore, you have every one of the three options. Customarily a vehicle takes 9 – 12 hrs to show up at Cochin from Bangalore. Nowadays multi-turn Volvo transports are showing up at Cochin in 9 to 10 hrs. These changes in road conditions. There is a check post at Tamil Nadu – Kerala edge and sometimes, we have seen transports shown up bogged down due to checking at this check post. There are heaps of transports dealing with on Bangalore – Cochin course and this is a good decision to reach Kerala from Bangalore. You may even check for sleeper transports. A train takes around 12 hrs from Bangalore yet getting a ticket is the best test. On the occasion that tickets are open, this is the best other option. Notwithstanding, endeavor to book a vehicle/train which shows up at Cochin in the initial segment of the day. If you are choosing a flight, book a flight that ranges at any rate before the early evening. 

From Hyderabad, flight or train is the best decision. Pick a vehicle specifically if nothing works out, as all that’s needed is around 18 hours. Nowadays ships are utilizing from Mumbai similarly yet use this as your last other option, as it is very nearly a 36-hour adventure. 

From Mangalore, you can pass by transport or train. From Mysore, you have the decision to simply transport, or, more than likely you need to go to Bangalore first and subsequently to Cochin. From Chennai, you can pass by transport, train, or flight. Transport and train take pretty much 12 hours to show up at Cochin. 

From Delhi, Ahmadabad, or some different objectives to Kerala Honeymoon Packages, you have the option of going by means of train or trip in a manner of speaking. 

For the people who are beginning from various countries, you have the decision to come direct by flight. You can in like manner get off at one of the metro city air terminals and come to Kerala by means of train. You need to do all the booking ahead of time to avoid any chaos. 

Once ahead journey is saved, you may book bring ticket back. While booking a return ticket, if it’s all the same to you be wary about timings and objectives. I propose you book this just in the wake of finishing up the pack, or if nothing else the timetable. 

Pick the Destinations 

By and by we need to finish up on the objectives to be made sure about. This is the spot we need to modify between the number of days you have and your tendencies. A little depiction of the huge spots of enthusiasm for our Kerala visit groups should help you with this. 

Huge Tourist Destinations in South/Central Kerala 

Cochin – In numerous cases, this is the spot you land in Kerala. If you are enthusiastic about Cochin visiting, you can either do this on an essential day – after arriving in Cochin, or if you have enough time on a day back, put everything at risk. 

Munnar – This is the best spot of enthusiasm for our Kerala visit groups. You’d love to see it on various occasions. Munnar is an incline station. 

Thekkady – Thekkady has the Periyar regular life Sanctuary that you can visit when you go for floating at Thekkady. Thekkady has a huge amount of brave activities and eco the movement business practices also. 

Alleppey/Kumarakom – This is the place you can go for a houseboat journey. Alleppey in like manner has a huge amount of resorts to loosen up, and there is furthermore an awesome coastline. 

Trivandrum-The capital city 

Kovalam – Lovely coastlines 

Kanyakumari – Though this is in Tamil Nadu if you are going up to Trivandrum (and if time licenses), it is fitting to have a visit. 

Athirapilly-Vazhachal – Biggest waterfalls in Kerala. 

Cherai – Another coastline near Cochin. 

Guruvayoor – Pilgrim place, the famous Krishna haven. There is an elephant haven at this spot with more than 65 elephants. 

Noteworthy Tourist Destinations in North Kerala 

Plan Your Itinerary 

From the above recorded noteworthy traveler objectives, make an overview of spots you wish to cover in our Kerala visit packs. 

I will elucidate all of these spots in detail underneath with development time required for each. In the wake of examining this post, you would be in a circumstance to complete the spots to visit dependent upon your leave from office. At the point when spots of visit and number of nighttimes in each objective are settled, the calendar can be set up easily. 


As a rule, this is the place you land in Kerala. If you have enough days in Kerala, a whole day visit of Cochin justifies doing. Cochin has some portion of visiting places including Marine Drive, Chinese fishing nets, Fort Cochin where you can visit Dutch manor, Jew Synagogue, etc. 

For more data read our blog passage: 9 Must-See Places in Cochin. 

If you are short, I would recommend that you move directly from Cochin to your first goal. It can be a Munnar from Cochin, Thekkady from 5 o’clock on the lane, 2 o’clock Alleppey, 2 o ‘ clock Guruvayoor and Athirapilly-Vashachal from a short 2 hours. If you want to see Kovalam, it’s smarter to appear in Trivandrum than making a frustrating 6-7 hour journey at similar times.

For every development, you need to consider halting time in for visiting, food, etc. In case your first objective is Alleppey Houseboat, guarantee you show up at Cochin on any occasion by 9 AM with the objective that you can enroll in Houseboat at 12Noon. If your appearance is after 10 AM at Cochin, by then don’t structure Alleppey Houseboat journey around a similar time, as register to houseboat is at 12Noon and see will be at 9 AM after day. If you are showing up at Cochin after 3 PM, by then don’t structure any development on that day. For this circumstance, the most perfect decision is to stay in a motel near the air terminal or railroad station depending on how you come to Cochin. Most motels near the air terminal offer let free pick from the air terminal, appropriately helping you get a decent arrangement on a vehicle for that day. Do light up your excursion pro about your strategy for appearance, so they can book the hotel as necessities be. Cochin air terminal is for all intents and purposes 20km from Cochin city/railroad station. 

If you are needing to stay at Cochin on appearance day, commonly check-in time of all hotels is 12 Noon and in case you are showing up sooner than expected morning, do teach this early to your outing master. For this circumstance, you can interest in early check-in. Most of the hotels grant this subject to room availability and do observe that morning feast won’t be complimentary during the current day. 

If you are needing to take off to various objectives around a similar time, I propose you start really to that objective, as opposed to having a half-day visiting of Cochin and a short time later going to the next objective. In case you are appearing at Cochin by means of train or transport or after a long flight journey, endeavor to restore yourself before driving from Cochin to your next objective. This urges you to value the excursion straightforwardly from the beginning and you can do all your visiting on the way. Arranging your first objective according to your appearance time is huge. 


Munnar, a slant station, is one of the most superb spots in our Kerala visit packs. There are lots of Tea domains and more than twelve spots to see close Munnar. This is an outright need to see place if you are visiting Kerala. The environment will be commonly cold reliably. Munnar is 140km from Cochin. 

For more data read our blog section: 13 must-visit places in Munnar! 

In case you are wandering out to Munnar, you should endeavor to stay there at any rate for 2 nighttimes. For your forward trip, travel time recorded from Cochin is 4 to 5hrs, yet in helpful you will reach Munnar in around 7 to 8 hrs specifically. There are lots of visiting spots in the center. You can acknowledge falls and moving slant with tea develops on the way. During this development acknowledge however much as could be expected on the day.



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