Kid Friendly Theme Home Interior Designs

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living room

Ever since you were a child, you have always been drawn to the design of homes. Whether it is the inside or outside decoration, your imagination has always come to life when gazing upon something new and different. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post all about kid-friendly theme home interior designs!

This guide will help you find inspiration for decorating your home with a child-friendly theme that the whole family can enjoy: whether it be an oceanic theme, an explorer’s club in a jungle setting, or even a desert oasis.

As you will see below, some kid-friendly theme home interior designs are created to inspire adventures and let your imagination run wild. You and your family will be able to enjoy a themed space that is filled with fun!

Theme Home Interior Designs :

1. Pirate Theme

Pirate Theme Home Interior Designs are probably one of the most popular themes when it comes to kid-friendly home interior designs for kids. The pirate theme is always very fun and exciting, and the feeling you get from seeing a home decorated with a pirate theme is something that is rarely replicated.

This kind of home decorating can usually be used as a child’s bedroom, or a playroom for kids! The possibilities are endless! Since this theme incorporates elements as diverse as pirates and treasure chests, tattered flags and pillows adorned with skulls – it’s hard not to have such images in your mind when you are choosing your kid-friendly home interior designs.

This is a very fun themed room because it’s a space that allows the child to create, and design their own pirate ship! All of the fun accessories, figurines and even the furniture in this boat bedroom is made up of different shapes and colors.

2. Safari Theme

Safari theme home interior designs are fun, exciting and totally open to your imagination. This theme is very popular in children’s rooms because it creates the perfect setting for an adventure story or movie, which kids love!

Since Africa is such a diverse place with so many different types of animals, plants and beautiful landscapes – the Safari themed room or jungle room can be any environment you desire. Whether you want people and animals playing together in a happy environment, or you prefer the dangerous side of things – either way it’s a theme that will surely turn heads every time someone walks into space!

3. Undersea Theme

The Undersea theme is another popular themed room which is usually used to decorate a child’s bedroom; although some people have used it to decorate the family room! It’s a fun choice because it gives you the option of choosing a world that is almost never explored in our day-to-day lives.

This gives you the opportunity to showcase the ideas of sea creatures, fish and even islands; which are all featured in an undersea themed room. Some people use this theme if they want to create a great party space for their child’s birthday since this theme is so colorful and fun!

4. Jungle Theme

The Jungle theme is another very popular themed room choice for those who want a child’s room to be filled with different types of plants and animals. The jungle theme can be used for both a boy or a girl’s bedroom, because it allows you to create the perfect space that will resemble the environment your child wants to be in when they grow up!

If you want the jungle to be located in an actual jungle location, then this is the perfect place to have it. Although, if you would prefer a more realistic setting, then having it indoors will create an entire realm of fun activities for your kids!

5. Ocean Theme

You will never find an ocean theme that isn’t fun and exciting for kids. The ocean theme is usually used to decorate children’s bedrooms, since a lot of people believe that children are connected to the ocean by some kind of special magnetic power – which makes them feel happy and fulfilled!

The ocean theme is one that takes a lot of imagination and creativity. Since there are so many different aquatic animals and plants to choose from, creating an underwater world with everything in it can sometimes be tricky. However, this is what makes this theme fun – because you can create a unique world that only you can imagine!

6. Forest Theme

The Forest theme is a popular theme for kids’ bedrooms, especially if the child has a love for animals or dreams of being a forest ranger! This is one of the most realistic kid friendly home interior designs you will find because everything in the space has been chosen to create the feeling that you are in an actual forest!

You can incorporate this theme into practically any room in your house, including but not limited to: closets, hallways, and even staircases. You don’t even have to limit yourself to trees – you can use mosses as decorations too!

7. Desert Theme

The Desert theme is a very popular choice for kid friendly home interior designs. The desert is a very colorful and creative space, which makes it perfect for playrooms because they can be anything they want it to be! Kids rooms are usually designed with desert themes in order to let their imaginations run free, which would make any room into a fun place for them to spend time in!


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