Latest Developments In Self-Improvement Podcasts


Self-help podcasts are booming in popularity, with many emerging to offer advice and guidance on the latest psychological research and news. These podcasts cover a variety of topics, from how to be more understanding in relationships to how to improve your memory. Santa surfing show is one of the most popular forms of the self-help podcast genre, with a variety of different shows on the subject. In this article, we look at some of the best self-improvement podcasts for those that are interested in more than just Santa. The Self Help podcast category has exploded over the past few years and while there are dozens upon dozens of options available, we’ve rounded up some of the best ones so you can get started immediately. 

These include everything from improving communication skills to increasing motivation levels for those who need it most. The Tim Ferriss Show – The Tim Ferriss Show is an interview show that interviews some of the most famous and influential people in the world. With guests ranging from actors, musicians and athletes to Silicon Valley billionaires, there’s a lot to learn from this podcast. There are also some interesting insights on how successful people became successful, with the hosts sharing their own personal stories. This podcast is full of actionable tips on how to improve yourself, so don’t miss out! 

The Mental Illness Happy Hour – This show discusses the latest research in the field of mental health, from medical conditions such as ADHD to suicide prevention. If you want to learn more about your condition or how it affected your life, this podcast is for you. I Am Better – I Am Better is a weekly show that presents three different goals that anyone can work towards and gives advice along the way. These include improving your mindset, productivity and wellbeing. Each goal comes with its own individual episode, each with its own theme and helpful tips to improve upon.

Latest Developments In Self-Improvement Podcasts :

1. Santa Surfing Show Podcast

Santa Surfing is a self improvement podcast that encourages people to live a happier life, no matter what it may take. The show has been featured all over the web, with hundreds of thousands of downloads on iTunes and Soundcloud. In his usual Santa Claus style, Eric Helms makes this podcast fun and easy to listen to while providing great content. The podcast features interviews with many different guests from around the world, giving listeners an insight into how other people are living their lives. This includes people from all walks of life and is a great way for anyone to hear about how others are living their lives.

2. The Brainfluence Podcast

Improve your business, your career, and your life with practical advice on how to make “brainfluence” work for you. It is direct, actionable information that you can implement immediately. Conversations with the top influencers and thinkers in their fields aimed at helping you achieve the level of success you desire in your personal and professional life. Gain an advantage over your competition by learning from the best! Get inside the mind of marketing expert Roger Dooley as he solves reader e-mail questions about a full range of brainfluence issues—from creating podcasts that get results to using social media to sell more products, services and ideas.

3. The Art of Charm Podcast

Join Jordan Harbinger and AJ Jacobs as they explore the science of what makes people click, cooperation, deception, nonverbal communications, self-presentation, socialization and relationships. The Art of Charm is dedicated to exploring all the nuances of what makes people likable and effective at building healthy relationships. Listeners will learn how to be more persuasive in their professional lives as well as more likable in their personal lives. This podcast has over a million downloads a month and is one of the top podcasts for those interested in self improvement.

4. The Beatles

The Beatles is a unique podcast hosted by the popular comedy duo, Hannibal Buress and Jordan Peele. The podcast explores the inner workings of The Beatles with their fans, making it one of the most interesting and engaging podcasts around. In each episode, they explore an aspect of the group’s performance while also talking to top experts in the field. From music to fashion and beyond, this podcast is able to offer a fresh perspective on many topics related to The Beatles. With a huge and passionate following in its own right, this podcast is definitely worth a look for anyone interested in self improvement podcasts.

5. Mental Illness Happy Hour

It’s often said that the truth can hurt, particularly when it comes to issues like mental illness. Mental illness occurs in all walks of life, but is nevertheless a subject that’s often hard to talk about. That’s why the Mental Illness Happy Hour is here – to provide an open forum for those affected by psychological distress and anxiety disorders. 

Hosted by comedians Broderick Smith and Scott Aukerman, this podcast covers a range of topics related to these disorders and how to deal with them as best we can. It includes interviews with experts as well as celebrity guests from various walks of life, making this show one of the most popular podcasts available on iTunes.


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