Master The Art Of Monster Hunter World With These 8 Tips

14 monster
14 monster

Barely a week has passed since I first screwed up my courage to dive into monster hunter world hunter king coin, and I’m already hooked. The game’s appeal is easy to wrap your head around: it’s an online multiplayer RPG that tasks you with collecting the most dangerous game on earth.

You’ll get lost in the scenery and ignored by your friends, but there are some helpful tips that can make your journey a little smoother – so we put together this handy guide for some of the essentials of Monster Hunter: World.

Read this 8 fabulous tips to improve your game:

1. The most important mechanic of all: how to make friends

Once you’ve picked your character, you’re introduced to a world map full of static icons that represent other people playing the game. From here, you can pick their brains on what they’re hunting and maybe even join up with them.

In addition to the usual chat options, there’s also a little speech bubble icon above the player’s skull. If you tap this, it will send them a message directly; if they tap it in return, you’ll be automatically connected and able to talk to each other via voice chat.

On a more general note, if you have an active quest logged into your map menu (i.e. a quest you’ve accepted or have had waved in your face by a quest NPC), you’ll see a big blue exclamation point next to your quest-giver’s icon on the world map. From here, you can see who has what quests and potentially team up with them.

2. You can make artificial sunsets for the benefit of your fellow hunters

By speaking to the cook back at camp, you can create a hot meal – which will remove any status ailments your teammates might be suffering from (like poison or paralysis). Since poison and paralysis are so common, this is a really good idea if you’re trying to keep your party full of healthy, happy hunters.

3. A well-fed hunter makes for a well-prepared hunter

It’s a good idea to prioritize crafting items that increase your natural maximum stamina and health. Not only is it important to have enough stamina to keep up with your quarry, but also health will be vital when you’re trying to quickly heal a teammate who’s been injured in battle.

4. There are three different types of online quests available

In addition to the basic offline campaign, there are also expeditions that can be completed solo or with others (which is referred to as “online” in-game). There are two other options that appear under the “multiplayer” banner: guild quests and event quests.

14 monster

5. The environment you’re hunting in is as important as the hunter you’re hunting with

Every quest will have a recommended level attached to it, but if you’re able to look beyond that, there are some rewards that become available if you go hunting in areas that are above your natural level.

Event quests aside, the game’s locations are divided up into regions – and each region has a “minimum recommended hunter rank.” If you can hunt in an area that’s above this rank – for example, going from a 5-star quest to a 7-star quest – then there’s a chance that the spoils will be upgraded by one rank (so two-star items will become three-stars).

6. Remember those skills that your weapon has? They matter here

It’s really important to notice the attack combos available to your weapon – because there are a couple of skills that require you to specifically strike a monster in a certain way. If you’re using a Hunting Horn, for example, and have the melody skill unlocked on one of your songs, then you can play that skill by performing the combo associated with it. With some weapons, these combos will recharge your health bar or refill your stamina or even restore some of the damage you’ve taken.

7. You can chain together skills for additional effects

If you’re playing solo, then you can chain a couple of combos together to perform an attack skill – so long as both of the combos are specific to that skill. For example, if you have both the “Fire Combo” and the “Poison Combo” unlocked on your Hunting Horn skills, then you can trigger “Poison Powder I” by playing it through the second attack in the first combo and then triggering the first attack in the second combo.

8. It’s more effective to play with others

There are lots of different quests available to solo players, but most of them will require a higher rank than what’s attainable right away. If you’re playing solo, you might find that you encounter a boss monster that’s difficult to defeat (e.g. Rathian or Great Jagras) – and this is the perfect opportunity to ask someone else in your party for help.

If everyone has a low rank, then they can help assist in the fight – they’ll be able to fight the same monster at your level, thereby exposing an experience point boost, or pick up loot or other useful items. You can even charge up your hunter rank for some sort of special reward if a high-ranking teammate gives you their spare items as thanks for snapping them up!


Monster Hunter: World is a vast new entry in the survival-horror sub-genre – and it’s as thrilling as it is engaging on a practical level.

The game isn’t without its flaws, of course, but there are still some features that we’d love to see added to future iterations of the game. If you’re willing to put your time into the game and keep yourself updated on Monster Hunter news, then we think this will be one you’ll want to pick up for yourself. Good hunting!


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