The Truth About Video Games Is About To Be Revealed.

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branden skeli 0SB4gTfqANY unsplash

The subject of video games has garnered a lot of attention in the media over the last few years. It’s an excellent place to start looking for the best “Minecraft Servers List” for your needs. You can get lists of the most popular servers on a variety of websites.

However, it has been difficult to navigate through all of the different opinions and stances on this topic.

This article will provide you with enough evidence to be able to decide for yourself what type of impact video gaming has on our society today.

 We will discuss common myths about video games and give you information about how children, teenagers, and adults are currently using them in different ways.

 Hopefully then you will be able to think critically about this content that’s being thrown at us from every angle.

 You deserve the truth!

Well, first of all, it’s good to own up to the idea that you know NOTHING about video games. 

You accept the “fact” that they are for violent training. 

That’s so absurd, I can’t even begin to address it. 

Why? Well because firstly, if video games were violent training machines,

 why do we have so many examples of people who have played them being nonviolent?

 And secondly – how does a machine teach anything?

 That seems a little far-fetched don’t you think? Hmm…

There has been a lot of research done into this topic and it’s mainly to do with the early life development. 

Psychiatrist Dr. Alvin Poussaint (he wrote “The Myth of Developmental Harm From Video Games”) stated:

If we look at the population as a whole, 

we find that those who play video games for an hour or more daily have fairly equal rates of criminal and antisocial behavior,

 and drastically lower rates than those who never play at all.

This is backed up by other international studies as well as those done in the USA (Youth Risk Behavior Study – Center for Disease Control).

So we know that we can’t just think of video-games as a negative “nudge” that encourage violence and aggression.

 They actually have a bigger purpose than that.

 Some games can even help you with your school work!

There’s plenty of evidence to support the fact that video games and sport boost self-confidence and self-esteem, 

making people more optimistic and optimistic about their future, whereas antisocial players focus on themselves or others in a negative way

 University of California Study Shows Kids Playing Video Games Instead of Studying”.

This is backed up by research done in Japan, where the average 13-year-old spends close to five hours a day on video games.

And when it comes to teenagers, “Video Games are Not the Biggest Fear” states that gambling is the leading fear for over half of them

  beating sex and drugs.

That’s right. Compared with other fears video games ranked only behind gambling in most participants’ list of fears!

There isn’t any evidence to really support the idea of video games being a negative influence on society,

 but it’s true that we don’t know what the future will bring.

However, we do know that video games can be useful and can provide us with valuable knowledge like: 

Team work

Learning about diversity (i.e different environments and cultures)

 Self-pacing (i.e to allow children to learn at their own pace)

 Better attention span (i.e. which means we can focus better and be more efficient)

 Spatial reasoning (i.e. the ability to break down objects and how they work by manipulating them in your mind and then seeing what happens to them)

The first step is to debunk the myth that video games are violent machines that only focus on violence…

  “We have no evidence that video games cause aggression.

The truth is that research has shown no causal link between violent games and


 While some publications are linking violent outbursts to video games,

 it’s actually stress that gamers feel while playing these games that manifests itself in aggressive behavior. “

“You can’t really criticize video games because they do no harm.”

“Video Games Aren’t Addictive.”

: “Video Games Are For Lazy People.”

“Video Games Are For Children”

 Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games 

You can still get addicted to video games. 

An additional problem can be the prominence of loot boxes that can trigger gambling-related behavior.

Although for most people, they are beneficial, but sadly there are people who are addicted to them. 

But the driving force behind the addiction is quite different.

Problems In the Future of Gaming-

In future, there may be a time where video games will be banned because it could lead to the development of a very aggressive form of autism called Asperger’s ( ), 

which was linked to violent video game players in particular by Noam Sobel, MD (see: “Special Needs Children, Violence and Video Games”).

Why We Play Video Games And How We Use Them 

 We play for enjoyment. Because of the social aspect of playing video games with people we enjoy,

 we get a great feeling from it.

This is why some gamers develop deep,

 meaningful relationships with these games and will even go as far as buying virtual items  


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