Mood-Boosting Benefits of Developmental Researcher John Bowlby Proposed

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What developmental researcher john bowlby proposed that all of the following are true except?

Developmental researcher john bowlby proposed that all of the following are true except 

1. that the human brain is organized into different parts with different functions

2. that attachment between child and caretaker is a fundamental need for most humans

3. that emotional bonds are formed between parents and children primarily through physical contact

4. that the way caring relationships are built during childhood can significantly affect a person’s life later on in life Answer: A. Bowlby proposed that the human brain is organized into different parts with different functions, but did not study the structure of the brain.

6. Bowlby did not study the structure of the brain because 

7. The question ‘which came first? Brain or behavior?’ is still unresolved 

8. It has long been thought that other animals don’t share human emotions and complex social behaviors such as bonding and attachment 

9. Perhaps this is why Bowlby explained his theory in terms of survival behaviors, instead of emotions 

10. The primary difference between a child who had secure attachment to its mother and a child who did not was 

What is the use of it?

The use of it is to make our life easier, it’s a way for us to learn new things faster.

11. It means that one day we might be able to use computers to answer questions or solve problems the way humans do 

1. This idea is called 

2. This term describes a behavior psychologists call 

3. Most of the time when a person says they are thinking this, they actually mean that they are having 

4. When people say they are reasoning and rationalizing all the time, it means that their automatic, unconscious thinking is biased by 

5. In other words, if you believe something is true without thinking about it, then you probably think this because you were 

6. When we are by ourselves and don’t have anything to do, we tend to do this because our 

7. People do most of the talking in a conversation, but when they ask questions, they usually mean something other than 

8. People often feel hurt or insulted when they are rejected or criticized by others 

9. For example, if you are middle-aged and have been struggling to find a job in your field for a long time and finally get one, it may be this that causes you to feel happy rather than being grateful for having finally found the job you wanted 

What are the features?

The features are characteristics that make it different from others.

1. The basic feature of this kind of love is 

2. the other feature of romantic love is 

3. Both critics and supporters of this theory have agreed on one point—that it explains at least some kinds of love very well 

4. One feature of development, as described by Piaget, is that growing children learn better through active participation, or doing, than through observing and listening to others 

5. Piaget thought children’s thinking was more like this than like adults’ because children underestimated the amount of time needed for learning tasks and had more difficulty dealing with abstract concepts 

6. Individual thoughts, feelings, and actions do not typically occur simultaneously, but in sequence 

7. For example, we may begin by thinking about the weather. We may then become aware that the weather is getting colder and begin to feel the cold on our skin, but it’s unlikely that we will feel both these states of mind at the same time 

8. If a person believes or feels something strongly (such as being sad), he or she is 

9. In this sense, emotions are more like thoughts than they are like bodily sensations 

What are the benefits?

The benefits are the advantages of these things for us.

10. It is well known that traumatized people have feelings or memories of strong emotions that are so intense they interfere with their everyday lives as parents, workers, or partners 

1. Bowlby believed that a child’s ability to form attachments depends on 

2. A child’s ability to form attachments depends on 

3. Attachment theory suggests that when a child’s attachment figure is not available (as during the separation from his mother at daycare), the child may be more likely to engage in this kind of play 

4. The term caring refers to 

5. Caring relationships should be distinguished from 

6. Psychologists have come up with an important distinction between two basic kinds of attachment, one kind called secure and the other called anxious 

7. The two most important components of love are 

8. Love is a very important concept for people in Western cultures because it means you can be close to someone and still be separate from that person, it means that not only do you need someone else but also that you don’t lose yourself when you are with them 


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