Ammr Alhoussan Continues to Pursue Career in Medicine and Research

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The medical and research industry continues to be a very important one that can help to save and improve the lives of many people on a daily basis. This industry would not be able to thrive if it was not for the dedication and passion provided by many talented people. One individual that has continued to develop a focus and career in this field is Ammr Al-Houssan.

Interest in Medicine for Ammr Alhoussan Begins at an Early Age

Similar to many people in the field, Ammr Al-Houssan developed an interest and passion for medicine at a very young age. He was born and raised in a suburb outside of Ottawa and earned a diploma from Earl of March Secondary School in 2013. While he knew that he wanted to continue his education and focus on the medical industry, he took a different path and went to Dublin, Ireland to continue his education, as opposed to going to a school in the United States or Canada.

Ammr Al-Houssan Attends Royal College of Surgeons

While he had many schools across the globe to choose from, Ammr Alhoussan decided to attend the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. While he was in school here, he was very involved and built a great group of connections. He was very involved and looked for ways to give back to the school and local community. This included spending time as Class Representative, being a member of the Emergency Society, and becoming a Special Skills Tutor.

Ammr Al-Houssan Has Focus on Research

While he was attending the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, he also quickly developed a passion for research. He quickly became recognized for his accolades and was a part of two different studies that were eventually named in some of the top journals in the field. Much of this work was completed while he was completing his education and worked with Red Maple Trials as a research assistant.

Renewed Focus on Patient Care

Ammr Al-houssan eventually graduated from medical and research school in 2019. While he continues to have a passion for medical research and wants to continue in the future, he has continued to focus his career on providing great patient care. He eventually went to the University of Connecticut where he completed a two-year general residency program. During this time, he worked in general surgery and gained a lot of experience that will continue to help him build a successful career in medicine. 

Ammr Alhoussan has continued to focus heavily on developing a strong education and career in the medical research and patient care industry. As his career continues to develop, he will continue to have a lot of opportunities to help those around him. When he is not working or continuing his education, he has many interests as well. He enjoys staying active and healthy and plays a variety of sports, including hockey and soccer. He also spends time on his hobbies, which include cars and welding. 


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