Master The Art Of Gaming Zone With These 6 Tips

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It’s not hard to see how much time is wasted every day on the internet. It’s almost trendy for people and rathalos coin monster hunter world to hop from one website onto another and then back again, spending hours and hours of their life refreshing their instant messaging programs or sending emails as if they were at work. Sure, it’s important to stay in touch with friends, but social media and email can often become addictive. We’ll show you some tips you can use to help significantly cut down your internet use this weekend!

1. Know Your Limits

The first thing you should do is take a look at your internet usage. Find out how much time you spend on the internet and make a note of it. Then, for the next week or so, keep track of every hour you spend online. It’s up to you to decide whether or not that number is acceptable or not. But be warned: if it’s higher than what you think it should be, then you need to take action immediately. You can try to limit the amount of time that you’re spending on the internet each day by using software which will block certain sites for a certain period of time and so on. This is especially important when it comes to social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can block them off entirely by using software like Freedom, which can block anything you want.

2. Set A Schedule

The idea of limiting your internet usage may sound scary, but it’s a lot easier than you might think. Set a schedule where you only check over or reply to email or social media once every 2-3 hours. If you think that’s too much, then set it at once every 4 hours. The important thing is to stick to your schedule and make it clear that you’re not going to be checking your emails, Facebook or Twitter as often as before.

3. Get Organized

As mentioned in the previous tip, social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter should be blocked completely. But this obviously won’t work if you can’t access them in the first place! It’s a good idea to get an email program or a web browser which will block out any websites that you don’t want to see for a certain period of time before your computer automatically starts searching for them on the internet when it boots up. However, you may of course want to see your email as soon as you boot up your computer. In that case, take a look at these must-have email programs for your computer.

4. Disable Auto-Complete Text Templates

Many web browsers will automatically complete certain text such as when you’re typing something into a box and pressing the “enter” key in Google Chrome or Firefox. This saves time in what you can accomplish on the computer, but it also takes up the time of completing a whole bunch of additional internet searches and so on every time you use them! So it’s important to disable this auto-complete feature if it’s available with your browser.

5. Block Out As Much As You Can While You’re Offline

It’s especially important that you block out during the daytime when you’re at home. You don’t want to be checking your emails or Facebook while everyone else is still at work. So don’t leave your computer on when you go to sleep: turn it off, and make sure it’s not plugged into the charger. Use a mobile phone as an internet device if you must check something on the internet while offline, and make sure that you unplug it straight after you’ve finished.

6. Take A Quality Break

While it’s important to stay connected to your friends, that doesn’t mean you have to stay connected all the time. If you’re doing something productive or important and need some motivation, try silence! Just listen carefully to the sounds around you, whether it’s the sound of birds singing outside or a TV playing in the next room. It’s an excellent way to get back on track with what you’re doing. It can also be useful to take a walk after a certain period of time without checking your emails or social media. You might also want to look at these tips if you spend too much time browsing sports betting sites online.


There are many reasons why you might find yourself spending too much time on the internet. Perhaps you’re checking your emails or social media when everyone else is at work. Maybe you’re checking them when you’re supposed to be spending time with family or friends. There are many things that can cause this problem, but one thing’s for certain: if it’s leading to problems with your productivity, then it’s something that you should solve – quickly!

By setting a schedule, turning off auto-complete text templates and getting organized with your email and web browser, it should be easy for you to cut down on the amount of time spent on the internet in no time at all.


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