Netflix Launches Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Where Viewers Take The Directing Role

Black Mirror
Black Mirror

For the first time, Netflix empowers viewers to decide the full story of the movie. With so many options taking place throughout the film, opening hundreds of different storylines, viewers will truly transform into the main character, as each audience’s choice will lead to completely different outcomes. apart.

If you didn’t know, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a special episode that has just been released by Netflix, featuring the genre of choose-your-own-adventure interactive film, in the famous Black Mirror series. What’s especially interesting in this part, is that between the viewer and the plot takes place in a two-way interaction, the audience will take on the role, sort of like deciding which breakfast the main character will choose, and listening to the music album. 

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Under the direction of scriptwriter Charlie Brooker, and director David Slade, the film is staged like the genre of light novels, or realistic interactive games you often see. Each of these choices will lead to different storylines, from which you will make decisions on behalf of the main character in your life. The length of the movie will of course not be fixed, maybe it will last as long as 100 minutes, or as short as 40 minutes, all of which comes from your decisions. But to explore the entire 5 different endings of the film, from a combination of more than 250 storylines, you’ll need to spend more than 50 hours.

You may feel a little uncomfortable, knowing that your emotional journey will be ‘caught’ by the two filmmakers through the decisions you make for the life of the main character in the movie. In essence, Black Mirror is an ingenious trap set up, so that behind it filmmakers can capture, leverage, and study the hobby habits of tens of millions of viewers on Netflix.

Bandersnatch is a game in which you decide the fate of a guy who decides for his life.

Basically, Bandersnatch is just a common simulation game, except that it is heavily invested in terms of money and content. You will transform into the life of a programmer Stefan, a guy with a burning passion for game development. In keeping with the previous content of the series, this time Stefan is continuing to develop a game called Bandersnatch, which the player holds in the hands of the main character.

The opening of the movie is a scene where Stefan visits a game company based in London, where he is planning to release his game. Inspired by a famous fiction novel by Bandersnatch, from a crazy writer who cut off his wife’s head. Poker, the project manager, asked Stenfan to complete the game with a breathtaking Deadline.

This naturally led Stefan to a programmer’s familiar machine: the race against the obsession called deadline, in a separate room in the early morning, and the issue of food and health. as uninterested. In such a state of work that undermines his physical and mental health, Stefan quickly falls into a wild depression, which has been badly affected by the barbaric plot of Bandersnatch, memories of sin. about the death of his mother when he was a child, the doubt about the process of being raised by a guy, or something that made him tied up.

His new friend, a programmer he admired Colin (the always-great Will Poulter), accidentally caused him to continue dreaming in the wild, saying that life was basically just days like in Donnie Darko. 

Except that Collin will not jump. Or will he never decide to dance? Or was it Stefan who jumped off the balcony, and Stefan jumped but did not die?

This is where the plot storyline is decided by you.

The game is designed in such a way that the more choices we make, the more they end up deeply reflecting the inner nature of each of us. The protagonist, Stefan, is the one who has taken the “choices” from us, the movies will become increasingly unpredictable, and ironically, far beyond what we expected.

However, when you reflect on what it all means, don’t feel bad for Stefan – it sounds easy to say, despite poor abuse of poor Stefan through choices, has become a joke for the social network community.


There is one thing you need to remember: Stefan is not the main person in the movie, but you do it yourself. The film, as its name implies, ‘Black Mirror’, judges the dark side of the audience’s mind, ignoring the moral standards in life, viewers are completely “free” to decide what evil actions for Stefan.


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