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Okay, so your car just got towed from 2051 killebrew drive. You don’t have the money to fix it or buy a new one. Your phone is dead and you can’t use your Facebook anymore to find out where you left that thing. You need a way back home and fast, but the GPS on your phone doesn’t work well in this area of really sketchy neighborhoods…

1. Look for a credit card or debit card. 

Charge your crap on that thing and go ask the nice people at the cash to let you use their phone to call a cab. 

2. Look for a phone. 

Find the nearest payphone and use that. They have problems with them sometimes, but they work all the time.

3. Call your parents or a friend that can drive you home and ask them to come pick you up. They probably can’t drive down there, but they can at least deliver you home and make sure you get back there safe. That would be best; because even if they do come pick you up later, it will be too late to get back to your house now, and if your car is still there when they try to come back, well… you don’t want to overthink the situation ever again, do you?

4. Walk home.

 Walk back to the highway where your car got towed from. I mean, it’s not like you can get lost or anything since you obviously have a map with you. You should be home right now!

5. Call the cops and report your stolen vehicle.

Or, if you have an iPhone, look through the App Store for “Find My iPhone.” Download it and activate it to track down your stolen vehicle. If anything else works, use that! The cops will arrest the person who stole it and tow your car back to its original spot without you even having to call them at all! They’re really nice like that…  

6. Call your parents or a friend, but don’t tell them anything!

10 minutes later… you still haven’t been able to call anybody. The closest phone is 5 miles away and it’s dark outside. The streets may be crowded with people that you’ve seen before, but now they’re all dressed in black with weird eyes and masks. What do you do?

7. Start walking.

“What’re you doing? You just told me not to walk. I need a cab or an Uber, or at least someone who can drive me back home… 

8. Ask a stranger if they can take you home.

“Hey there, pretty lady, do you have any spare change?” the man in black asks, putting a hand on your shoulder and interrupting your thoughts. 

10 minutes later… You still haven’t been able to call anybody again…

9. Call a cab for yourself.

Call a cab and wait for it to arrive. Maybe it will be here soon…

11 minutes later… You still haven’t been able to call anybody again…

10. Drag yourself back home. 

You were so busy trying to call someone that you forgot to think about something else: No one will pick you up if they can’t find you! And if they can’t find you, then all the food and shelter in the world won’t do anyone any good! 

11. Walk back home and hope that no one tries to hit on you or takes your stuff while you’re walking down the street at night with no money, phone, GPS system or car in sight. 

12. Phone your best friend and cry at them while they yell at you to stop crying and get on with their own lives.

You’re going to be in so much trouble! These people are waiting for you right now! 

13. Walk home 

And hope that no one tries to hit on you or take your stuff while you’re walking down the street at night with no money, phone, GPS system or car in sight.

You know what? I’m going to be fine! This place looks different than when I left… Hopefully it’s not too scary… 

14. Try looking for a hotel room nearby since all the stores are closed anyway. 

Oh my god… They’re following me! 

15. Drop your stuff and try to run away.

16. Make it home and thank god that you’re safe.

Grab something to eat on the way since you haven’t eaten anything all day. This place look familiar… Yeah, this is definitely the highway where my car got towed from… I can see my house from here! 


In conclusion, the point of the article is be careful when leaving your car anywhere because no matter what, it can get taken away, which would suck if you didn’t have a backup plan of calling a cab or asking for some help from someone else who can drive you back home safely.


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