Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Psych Tech Review Anymore

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Mt sac psych tech review is a publication that seems to offer the latest in reviews of psychology-related products and services. Unfortunately, the information they publish might not be the most accurate. Though psych tech review does offer some good information, it should not be relied on as your sole source for all things psychological. 

Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Psych Tech Review Anymore :

1. Unreliability

Part of the problem with Psych Tech Review is that it does not always publish relevant articles that are updated periodically.  Their reviews and articles often go out of date, which is something you want to avoid when you are looking for information on psychology-related products and services.  

If you are thinking about consulting a professional, it is important that their credentials and education remain current.  Psych tech review may have published an article on psych tech companies a while ago, but if they do not regularly update reviews, then it might have outdated information in it.

2. Inaccuracy

Another issue with the psych tech review site is accuracy. You can read their articles, and get the impression that they are very knowledgeable about psychology.  However, when you look at the evidence to back up their claims, it is often very flawed and inaccurate.  For example, let’s look at an article on hypnosis that was written by psych tech review :

“This is a strange method of relaxation where a person will be asked to relax completely in a trance-like state. They may be asked to achieve this by closing their eyes and relaxing, or they may be hypnotized while they are awake.”

3. Lack Of Research

You need to rely on research and evidence when you are looking for reliable information on psychology-related products and services. You can find some good research published by the American Psychological Association, but you will not see it in psych tech review .  They will often use sources that seem biased or questionable. For example, Psychology Today , a professional publication in the world of counseling publications, posted an article that discussed the effectiveness of hypnosis. 

Psych tech review posted an article about this same subject matter.  After reading both articles, you might wonder why there was such a big difference in the accounts of each publication.  The fact is that psych tech reviews used poor research and biased evidence to make their case against hypnosis, while Psychology Today did not present as strong a case for hypnosis’s effectiveness.

4. High-Pressure Marketing

The psych tech review site does not just publish one article on hypnosis every week. In fact, they publish several a week. Confused consumers might start to wonder if this is the only benefit to psych tech review and begin to worry that if they do not sign up for the service then they will fall behind in all the latest information on psych tech companies. Of course, there are other consumer sites out there that also publish articles on hypnosis every week (psychology today is one example).

5. No Trustworthiness

The experts on psych tech review are often nothing more than people who have purchased a product or service and then felt compelled to offer a positive assessment of it.  It is unlikely that you will see any professionals providing reviews of psychological products and services through their site.  

There are some professionals who do provide endorsements of products and services, but they often offer more in-depth analysis of products than can be found on psych tech review. For example, if you are asked to read a professional assessment on hypnosis, it will likely go into greater detail about the research involved in the assessment and how the evidence supports their conclusions.

6. Overly-Positive Reviews

The reviews that are published on psych tech review are often very exaggerated, which makes them seem less credible than they could be. People who visit this site might get the impression that everyone who uses these products and services is completely satisfied with them and would never have any complaints about them at all. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. 

When you visit the genuine expert sites for reviews on hypnosis, you will see that there are many accounts of people who have not been satisfied with their use of this product. For example, if you google “hypnosis scam,” you will find loads of information about people who have felt as though they were ripped off by shady hypnotherapists and hypnotists.

7. No Explanation Of Credentials

A lot of times when you read an article written by psych tech review , it is more about the person writing it and what they have to say than it is about any specific product or service being reviewed.


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