Seven Things You Should Know About Writing Center Colleges

writing colleges
writing colleges

There are over 300 college writing centers in the United States, and many of them offer programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. What do you need to know about these centers before you apply? Some students may be tempted to believe that all writing centers operate the same way–-this is simply not true. Writing center menlo college is one of the few centers that offers a variety of programs, features and services that are all designed to help students improve their writing skills.

What is a writing center?

Writing centers fill an important need on college campuses. Since the 1950s, these centers have been a place where students can learn to be better writers and get help with their papers. Many times the skill of good writing can be measured by the effectiveness of one’s ability to communicate effectively in written form. Students in all disciplines rely on writing as an essential tool for learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.

There are several different models when it comes to writing center operation, from providing a drop-in service with limited hours during the day, to full-time tutoring sessions.

Seven Things You Should Know About Writing Center Colleges :

1. You can avoid the stigma of “struggling writer”

Most students go to their writing center for help with a particular assignment, not because they are having trouble with the written word. No matter your field, knowing how to write is essential to success. Your instructors will expect you to communicate effectively in writing, whether it’s composing an email or a term paper. A good center will not make you feel bad about any particular areas of your writing; but it will always be there to help you improve.

2. You will learn to write better

A good writing center is one that focuses on improving the students’ writing skills, not just helping the student finish a work or two. Students often have difficulty with large projects because they forget how to break their thoughts down into manageable bits and pieces. Writing centers offer classes, workshops and one-on-one help that focus on developing the students’ ability to write clearly, concisely and in a persuasive manner.

3. You will have time to finish large projects

You need time to formulate an argument and organize your thoughts. Good centers will provide small group sessions and one-on-one tutoring so that you can work on a particular assignment or research project. A good writing center will keep you accountable for your progress, whether that means checking on you every day or sending regular mail messages to communicate what’s going on in your class. The center can also help you submit papers electronically, so there’s no need to write out a bunch of pages (and receive requests for revisions) in paper form.

4. You will come out of the center with a better toolbox

A good writing center will help students develop a better understanding of what they are trying to say and how they can achieve their goals. It’s not enough to simply write; you have to know how to make your ideas clear, compelling and accessible. Good centers are always pushing students out of their comfort zone–-there’s no point in learning to write, if you won’t be willing to do it on the job. Writing centers can give students a chance to practice composing emails or business letters with an eye on improving their rhetoric skills.

5. You will learn how to be a better writer

Writing centers offer programs that range from basic research skills to advanced composition and rhetoric. Don’t assume that all writing centers are the same–-different colleges offer a variety of programs, with different focuses. A good center will teach you how to make better arguments and express your ideas more clearly. You may want to consider online centers or hybrid writing centers; these programs offer the flexibility of online classes, but are often guided by one-on-one tutors, who are there to help students in all aspects of the writing process.

6. You will have more confidence and be more productive

The best writing centers try to instill in the students a sense of self-confidence. Students often talk about how they are afraid to write; but a good center can help you overcome some of those feelings. You may be given assignments that require you to write essays, speeches or book reviews, but your center won’t let you get away with simply saying what you think or feel. Instead, they will help you work through your ideas and apply them in different situations as appropriate. The best writing centers will also offer other tutorials, including digital media workshops for writers who need to express themselves using images or video games.

7. You will find help even when you’re outside of class

A good writing center offers assignments that train students to be better writers, regardless of the subject matter. Whether you are taking a course in business, psychology or history, there will be assignments that require you to write effectively. Good centers offer online assistance via online chat and email. These centers can also work with you on your papers long after they are due. It’s not enough to turn in an assignment; it’s useful to get feedback from your instructors on what they liked and didn’t like about your paper or project.


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