Seven Various Ways To Do Good Writing


Writing is not just a person’s profession, it is also a person’s leisure. Many people choose to write for their own personal enjoyment. But others find that writing for the sake of others is also what they enjoy doing. A lot of writers write in order to share their thoughts and feelings with other people through the articles they produce. Other writers are so dedicated to writing that nothing can stop them from doing so. 

Whatever your reasons may be, there are many ways you can make good use of your talents and talents you don’t have yet by simply writing about something meaningful or by sharing your knowledge with readers who lack creative genius like yourself. Csun upper division writing is a course designed to help you develop your skills in writing and to gain confidence on your way to academic success.

The following are different ways you can put that pen of yours to good use:

1. Become a freelance writer. 

Freelance writers are widely accepted because they are available anytime, anywhere. Nowadays, there is a high demand for bloggers as well as persons who can write articles on specific topics. These can be almost anything like the latest blockbuster movies or even upcoming celebrity gossip events. 

Freelancing is great because you can write about what you know best and most of the time these assignments are flexible enough that anyone would be able to do them even without experience in writing . You can gain experience in writing by taking up freelance writing assignments. This will also train you to write on shorter deadlines and will highly boost your confidence when submitting a paper in class.

• Teach a class you are interested in. 

Teaching is one of the best ways for you to learn more about what you know and also learn more about something new. While teachers have to follow specific curriculum, teaching a class is still considered as teaching and therefore it requires an amount of expertise over the subject matter. You should talk about your experience whenever possible and never be embarrassed of your flaws because there are no perfect teachers. You can also gain experience in writing by creating lesson plans that are relevant to the subject you are teaching. But it is also important that you don’t get caught up with too much workload.

2. Write a book.

This is the most difficult form of writing but once you start you won’t want to stop. It is definitely not easy to write and publish a book because it requires a lot of precision writing, research and also revision and editing for publication. Bestselling authors like Stephen King have proven that anybody can do this given enough time and effort.

3. Take up photojournalism.

Photojournalism is a very effective way of sharing what you have seen with others. The best part about this form of writing is that you don’t have to write a lot because your pictures will speak for themselves. You should always carry your camera wherever you go because there might be something interesting in the vicinity like a rare species of flowers or even an engaging event that you won’t want to miss out on capturing.

4. Gather information and share it.

This is one of the easiest forms of writing, you just have to be willing to share what you know with others. This can be either through writing an article or even posting answers in forums and blogs. You should always go for the topics that will interest a lot of people because this is what will make you popular among many readers. This also shows that you are knowledgeable about the subject matter and this is what people look for when reading your articles or posts .

5. Write an essay for a charitable organization. 

You can choose any organization that has a mission statement that interests you and write about it for them as a way to give back to charity . It is quite an interesting task to write about something that you know nothing about in the beginning but once you start writing, it’s hard to stop. You can even talk about something that you are not so confident with. As long as your ideas or thoughts on the topic are well expressed, people will still read and appreciate what you have to say. You should also make sure that whatever organization you pick has a lot of money to raise for the charity in question because this will benefit them too.

6. Write an eBook.

Writing an eBook has never been easier with programs like Amazon Kindle and other eBooks available to publish through. All you need to do is jot down your ideas on a computer or laptop and make sure that the formatting is right then upload it on the website in question. You can use this as a way of promoting your blog or online business as well .

7. Write a book review for students. 

Writing book reviews for students is a great way for you to gain experience in reviewing books because this is what many people read before buying their own copies of these books .


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