Sharing Your Excel Files? Convert Them to PDF for Free!

Excel Files

Data is essential, but it may be hard to understand for many. Imagine looking at many pages of numbers in spreadsheets. You’ll probably get dizzy a few moments later. Data won’t make sense if you can’t interpret and understand it. That’s why making it more straightforward is a must. One way to make it more readable is by converting spreadsheet files to PDF.

Portable document format files are famous for their convenience. They’re easy to open, view, and they preserve the reliability of your files’ contents. You can convert your Excel or XLS files to PDF to ensure that your file’s formatting stays in place and makes it more readable simultaneously. If you plan to share your files, you may consider converting XLS to PDF for free!

Convert Excel to PDF using GogoPDF!

Honestly, the web contains many file converters. Just look up the words “excel to pdf,” and you’ll have a wide array of choices! The problem you have now is choosing which converter will suit your needs. You want to convert your files efficiently and safely. Among the cream of the crop, GogoPDF undoubtedly stands out in this regard! 

How to use GogoPDF’s Excel to PDF converter

GogoPDF is a crowd favorite for a reason. That is, it’s convenient to use! You don’t need to have the complicated technical knowledge to convert your files. With GogoPDF’s user-friendly options for you, you just have to follow the given instructions that are easy to accomplish. Here’s how you can convert your Excel files to PDF using the conversion tool powered by GogoPDF.

  1. Go to
  2. Select and upload the Excel file from your device or online storage.
  3. GogoPDF automatically processes your file once the upload is done.
  4. Wait as your Excel file transforms to a portable document format file.
  5. Save and share your file! You can download the PDF or directly email it to others.
  6. Don’t forget to let others know about this excellent tool!

Can I quickly convert my PDFs in high quality?

Yes! GogoPDF converts your files so quickly that the conversion is almost done in the blink of an eye. Although the process is fast, you can rest assured that the conversion tool will render your files of high quality. GogoPDF tries to preserve and retain your original file’s formatting to maintain your spreadsheet’s credibility and reliability.

Are my files secure and private while using the converter?

Trust that your files remain secure throughout the conversion process. GogoPDF uses the files only for conversion and nothing else. The converter will permanently delete your files from the cloud an hour after uploading them to ease your worries.

Can I use GogoPDF on the go?

If you’re not at home and your computer is nowhere near you, you can still access GogoPDF. This conversion tool is a web-based service. That’s why you don’t have to install any software applications. You can access it from any device as long as you connect to the internet. What makes it more convenient to use is that it’s compatible with almost every known operating system and web browser.

The conversion happens on the cloud securely and quickly. So, it won’t take any of your computer memory. How awesome, right?

Why do many people convert their files to PDF?

People convert almost all their files, no matter the format, to PDF. What’s the reason behind that? Let’s find out below.


You can ensure that the file looks how you want it to look despite software differences among devices. When sharing your Excel files, some formatting may be modified due to the software version. You can also ensure that others can’t make changes to your file.


Most web browsers are equipped with the ability to open and view PDF files presently. There’s no need for specific software applications to view the file. Your Excel files may require the installation of Microsoft Excel or other office tools for spreadsheets. If you convert them to PDF, there’s no need to install anything at all!


PDF files are easy to encrypt with passwords and watermarks. These two methods of securing your PDF files are just two of the many ways available out there. 

Final thoughts

With the help of electronic spreadsheets, handling data is made somehow more accessible. Goodbye to manually tallying data by hand. These spreadsheets made calculating formulas, creating charts, and many others more acceptable. However, not all people are good with numbers. That’s why presenting them in a neat and readable manner is crucial. 

You can convert your Excel files to PDF to present data in a more comprehensible way. Through this method, you can simultaneously ensure that the files’ credibility is preserved. They will also be easier to share and view. What are you waiting for? Visit GogoPDF now and start converting XLS to PDF!


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