Signs That a Guy Likes You


There’s something really special about that first phase of falling in love. There’s an innocence, giddiness and excitement. There are a lot of butterflies, long phone calls and romantic dates. In the beginning, it’s totally normal to wonder if a guy is interested. This is especially true for any shy guy. 

However, there are quite a few ways you can really tell if a guy likes you. Consider these signs.

1. He Checks On You

When a guy is really interested in you, he’ll make it a point to check in on you. He might send you a morning text to wish you a good day. He might call you midday to find out how your day is going. 

Either way, an interested guy is usually thinking about you and can’t help but reach out to find out how you’re doing. If days or weeks pass without a peep from him, he’s probably not interested in you. No man is too busy to check in.

2. He Shows Interest in Your Interests

Whether you are interested in golf, jazz music or basketball, a guy who’s interested in you will want to know what you like. This is because he’s trying to strike a connection. Plus, it’s much more intriguing to maintain a conversation with someone who knows what you’re talking about. He’ll learn or express interest in your interests because it connects him to you in order to keep the conversation going. 

Women do this as well. Think about all of the women who pretend to be interested in football because they just want to be close to their new guy. They might not care about the sport, but they care about the guy so much that it only makes sense to love what he loves.

3. He’s Attentive

If you had a hard day, he’d remember what made it difficult. He’ll follow up in order to see if the day got better. He’ll ask if there’s anything he can do to make things better for you. If you’re walking into a building, he’s attentive enough to open the door, offer assistance and more. When a guy likes you, he pays attention to the details.

4. He’s Consistent

Consistency is key. If a guy isn’t consistent with you, he’s not that interested in you. Now, if you want to employ some fun tricks, you can learn how to get a guy to like you. However, one of the most tell-tale signs of his interest is that he’s consistent with you. He shows up when he says he will. If he’s running late, he will be considerate in his communication. He’s looking to develop a strong rapport with you. 

If he’s inconsistent, a guy knows he could lose you. An interested guy will not want to jeopardize that in any way. As a result, he’ll follow through on being a consistent presence in your life.

5. He Makes Plans with You

When you really like someone, you’ll want to spend time with them on a regular basis. He won’t leave you guessing regarding his desire to make plans. When he likes you, he’ll also become proactive in making those plans. 

Before the first date is over, he’s already talking about the second date. When he wants to know your interests, he’s doing this so he can know how to plan for dates in the future. Also, there’s one really important factor to consider when he’s making plans. 

If he waits until the very last minute to make plans with you, this isn’t a good sign. This act is inconsiderate. It says that you’re his last resort. When a guy really wants to go out with you, he’ll make plans as soon as he can. He won’t wait until the day before the date. He definitely won’t wait until the day of to ask you out. He’ll respect your time.

When you’re really interested in a guy, it’s totally normal to want him to like you back. By taking heed to these signs, it’ll be much easier to know if you should invest your time, emotions and energy or move on to someone else. 

However, never be afraid to ask him if he’s interested. By getting a clear understanding of what’s going on in his mind, just ask. There’s no harm in doing that, and this one question will help you alleviate all of your uncertainty.


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