Spooky Celebrations: From Bingo to Bowling!

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Trick-or-treating is not going to be the same this year. While some have to decide if they are staying home or not, others might not even have this option. The traditional celebrations are on halt as the world tries to recover from the pandemic. Many places have already announced the news of the cancellation of huge carnivals and Halloween events. But there is still some itty bitty hope that some places might not let the festivities die down even if everything is foreign right now. 

From the masses’ response, Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 are trending in the same way they did last year. Contrarily, the craze among people, especially adults, seem to be multiplied with all the extra time on their hands from working from home. Even if trick-or-treating will have to be a little unconventional this time around, you can find familiarity in other things! 

This year’s Halloween is on a Saturday – take your guesses, but it’s going to be a blast of fun and games! To embellish this, it falls on a full moon to give everyone an epic spooky experience. Brainstorming has already begun to come up with creative ideas to save Halloween from getting canceled. An unforgettable Halloween party at home does not sound too boring when you have tons of delicious fall savories and sweet lined with Halloween games. 

First of all, to get in the right spirits, lock away all your traditional ideas of celebrating Halloween. The quarantine Halloween will help you spin some new and intimate memories with your closed ones. Instead of sulking about losing all the potential candies, find out how you can have fun in a socially distant way! 

Mailing candies seem foolish, but what if you can deliver buckets of candies to friends and families from a distance? Ghost your friends by leaving candy on the doorstep with a side note. This can become super exciting if you create a chain and ask them to make another bag of treats and pass it to someone else. Spirits are down this year, as most of us have been through a lot. In this way, you will not only feel close to people but bring smiles to their faces too! 

Now that we have sorted the trick-or-treating creates a list of all the things you want to play this Halloween. Just because you are not dancing in the middle of the streets, your fun doesn’t have to diminish. Pumpkin Pictionary is the first game that comes to mind when it’s a party without kids in it. You pick a random place, song, TV show, or movie and leave your pumpkin carving clues. Your guests will have to decipher the clues but with a time limit! 

Some simple games are perfect to amp up the things within a house. Glow in the dark ring toss or Candy Jenga both are pretty easy to play inside a room and require minimal stuff. Wrap some glow-in-the-dark tape around bottles and glow sticks and put a prize aside for the winners. For candy Jenga, separate some flat candies from your treasure and prepare to tackle your opponents. 

“Minute to Win It,” but in Halloween style – set a sixty-minute timer and create challenged with candy corn or candy pumpkins that are easy enough for all your guests. This time limit brings life to your party! Candy Corns are the most loving part of indoor games. Candy corn bingo is a charming activity for adults who are not big fans of too much action. 

Bowling fans can easily have a howling Halloween! Mummify your bowling pins to add a much needed spooky touch to your favorite game. Some googly eyes on these pins will take things off the charts for you and your guests. To have some variety, twist the traditional bowling with painted tin cans! Scary faces on cans will lure you into knocking them down on your first try. 

While all these games are ideal for adults, do not forget the munchkins at this fun event. A skeleton puzzle or a simple spooky snack will make the day of any kind. With all the extra time on your hands, do not save everything for the last moment – at least not this time! 

The list will forever remain incomplete because the possibilities are infinite. While you focus on these games, do not forget to turn up in the most amazing costumes to create a buzz around you. A classic outfit with an Akira Jacket or one of the latest superhero cosplay will level up your Halloween preparations!


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