Startups entering the Unicorn Club in 2021

priscilla du preez XkKCui44iM0 unsplash
priscilla du preez XkKCui44iM0 unsplash

The unicorn club is getting crowded with startups like the ones in this slideshow. 

A startup in Silicon Valley that has reached a $1 billion valuation is said to be a “unicorn.” 

That number is set to double in 2020, with the increase of startups entering the club. 

With this anticipated influx, these lucky few will join an elite group of companies with valuations jumping up to 10, 11 or even upwards of 13 digits. 

We’ve compiled some of these startups for you so you can get on board before they go public. Keep an eye out for these ones in 2020.

While there are still a number of startups that aren’t, we’ve heard there will be even more unicorns by 2021, it’s just a matter of time. 

  Lyft – 

The on-demand transportation company has been making headlines

with its recent IPO and is now valued at $11 billion following more than 3 years of operation in the United States. 

The company is already valued at more than $4.5 billion in the United States,

making it a strong candidate for Unicorn status, especially since its CEO has indicated that Lyft is planning on expanding internationally in the near future.

“We’ll almost certainly be able to expand in five or six more countries within the next year, and 

if Uber decides to do something in those markets, we’re going to have to figure out a way to move forward.” Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber

 Twitch –

 One of the largest and most popular video game streamers on the internet. 

With over 55 million unique monthly users, Twitch has attracted plenty of investors and even media attention. 

In 2019, it was valued at roughly $1.5 billion. 

Similar to Lyft, Twitch is planning on expanding internationally as well as launching its own

cryptocurrency for customers who want another payment option within the company.

“We’re trying to accelerate the pace of adoption. 

We want to take Twitch into the places where we have a bigger audience, but are lagging behind. 

That’s why we’re working with Kuper via distributed ledger technology.” Kevin Lin, CEO of Twitch

    Patagonia – 

The outdoor clothing and gear company is one of the most iconic brands in the world. 

With over $2 billion in sales annually,

Patagonia has earned a strong reputation and brand loyalty from customers around the world. 

As mentioned above, it is no surprise that Patagonia is valued at around $2 billion dollars. 

It only took them two decades to go from selling $100 shirts to becoming a Unicorn in 2021. 

The company is planning on growing their footprint in the fashion industry by launching a separate clothing label which should increase its sales even further.

“This new, separate brand will be focused on innovation and technology – really new and unexpected materials, construction techniques and technologies. 

It’ll be very different from what we sell today.” Rose Marcario, Chief Executive Officer of Patagonia

    Pinterest – 

Already one of the most popular online pinboards in use today with over 70 million users,

Pinterest is taking steps to monetize this impressive user base through allowing advertisers

to run adverts and sponsored posts right on their website. 

This shift towards advertisement will allow Pinterest to become a $10 billion start-up by 2021,

however they need to keep their current user base engaged as well as attracting new users 

if they are to achieve Unicorn status.

 With over 70 million users, Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites on the internet (along with Instagram and Facebook). 

The company operates its business model as a free website and makes its money by allowing advertisers to run adverts on its site.

   Uber – 

This ride-hailing app is currently valued at an impressive $69 billion after completing one year in operation around the world. 

Although it currently boasts a rather controversial reputation, we see Uber becoming a Unicorn in 2021. 

The company has been expanding rapidly,

including into many new countries and purchasing several other smaller companies to help it achieve dominance in the transportation industry.

 A pet sitting service which is currently active across the United States and Canada. 

The company has recently acquired DogVacay and is estimated to be worth $4 billion. 

With over 1 million users, Rover will most likely expand its services into Europe in the next few years,

making it a strong candidate for Unicorn status.

 This company has been operating in the United States since 2012 and is estimated to be worth over $1 billion. 

Zaarly is similar to TaskRabbit, but without the regulatory issues that may arise from operating an online freelance marketplace. 

It has not yet expanded internationally, but we feel that it will do so by 2021.


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