Steps to get started with getstat

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I’m glad you found this article, the goal is to get you started with getstat. The first thing you need to do is create a CSV file with the tags from all of your apps. 

Once you have that created, upload it to stat getstat for initial import. 

This will allow us to help you with any questions regarding how this process works and answer any questions that may pop up during the import process. Post back here and we’ll be sure to reply within 24 hours or less!

Give me some metadata about your account (the number of apps and videos and total upload time) and we’ll be able to better assist you.

Steps to get started with get stat :

1. Go to .

 Sign in with your email address and password and this is where we’ll be collecting the metadata for your account.

2. If you don’t remember what your password is follow these steps.

Choose “Forgot Your Password?”. Fill out the form using your email address and click on Forgot Password. The email should show up in your inbox shortly after this. 

When you get the email, click on the link provided in it to reset your password. Go ahead and enter that into the box at stat getstat site where it says “New Password”. 

Then go back to

3. Click submit new report, then select the tags you want to add .

 The default is most popular tags, if you want to select more tags click on the “customize” link on the right side of the screen.

4. Click “Add selected tags” on the bottom of the form .

Now that the tags have been added, click on “Done”.

5. Now you can click on “Browse” and download your report as a CSV file. 

After the download is finished, go back to the website and click “Download report”

6. Click on the “Download CSV” button, then choose from Google Sheets  to download it to your device.

 This is where you’ll be uploading this file to us after you cut and paste everything into a single column, if you do not have Excel or Google Sheets please use Notepad ++ or some other text editor which allows for columns sorted alphabetically.

7. Once you have finished importing the data into Google sheets.

 Cut and paste your file into an Excel spreadsheet, then copy that into a easy to read format in a zip file (.zip) for us to import.

8. After the .zip has been downloaded, send it to [email protected].

9. If you want to learn more about using tags .

Click on the “Contribute” tab at the top of this page.

Also, if you have any questions please feel free to request the help center here . The address is in the bottom right corner of each screen. We will be happy to reply within 24 hours or less .

10. Please feel free to request a feature on GitHub here

11. Please note that you’ll have the chance to change the number of tags you want to import at any time, but if you need help with changing your settings click on “Contribute” tab at the top of this page> “Settings” tab>click on “sync your stats” button and follow the instructions.

12. You can also go to getstat and find out more about how this process works .

 The guide is currently being updated as new features are added but it will cover a general overview of each step in a more general sense then a technical guide for each step.

how to upload tags to stat getstat

1. Download the CSV file, then open this file with Excel or Google Sheets .

2. Copy the column that contains all of the tags into Excel.

3. Select all of the rows with data, click INSERT>SYLK, click Merge… and choose “Merge cells” in Microsoft Excel or “Merge Cells” in Google Sheets.

4. Open your .zip file and extract the individual files to a folder on your computer for quick storage and convenience of uploading later on.

5. Open each TEXT document and copy its contents into a blank spreadsheet:

6. Open notepad++ or any other text editor, paste the TXT file contents into the blank spreadsheet, and save the file as an .csv file. Label it with your email address if you want to be able to import it later on (helps prevent people from stealing your data).

7. Open up and select File> Download as>Comma Separated Values (.csv) and save it to your computer.

8. Go to the getstat site and click on “New .csv”. Then upload the .csv file. ( )

9. After your data is uploaded, wait for the email with the link to your stats.

10. View your new tag stats using Google Sheets or Excel!


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