The Future According to Aura 150m Series Experts.


What are Aura 150m Series Experts?

Aura 150m Series Expert has made many watches for the past 100 years, but what is different about the Aura 150m Series Experts is that it is actually their first ever dive watch. The timepiece carries no helium escape valve and instead has a screw-down crown and a water resistance of 150 meters (or 500 feet).

The future of these two companies?

Aura says that they are going to continue making more dive watches, while Smiths will continue to make diving instruments. The goal: Make sure you never have to worry about your watch or diving instrument again! About Smiths Watch Company

Smiths Watch Company began in 1831 and has been an American icon since then. From the first pocket watches produced by Nathan Smith, founder of the company, to the most recent releases in high-tech and mechanical chronograph models, Smiths has been known for their reliable and high-quality designs. This continues to be their focus today as they create new innovative Mechanical Moon Phase Chronograph Watches that are not only functionable but fashionable. They continue to push themselves further into the future with their new Aura 150m Series Experts timepiece line.


Aura and Smiths have created a watch that is not only useful for divers and Smiths Watch Company customers but for everyday people who want to enjoy the ocean! They encourage people to use the watch for swimming, snorkeling, sailing, or even just to wear it as an accessory. It works great on rainy days when you don’t want your other watches getting ruined as well!

The future according to Smiths Watch Company and Aura:

They have teamed up to create a new line of timepieces called the Aura 150m Series Experts watches. The series has 5 different models with each one having different features that make them unique from one another.

The series starts with the “Electric Blue” watch. The first model, the “Aura Electric Blue,” is the one that will be introduced on the first stage of their Kickstarter campaign. The timepiece uses a Swiss quartz movement to keep accurate time and features a transparent caseback and an orange band for its design. The next in line is “Deep Sea” Aura 150m Series Experts watch. This model has a more rugged look compared to the others and has an oversize screw down crown for added protection from water pressure. It is also featured with an orange band, but this one is made from 316L stainless steel like other models in the series.


-It has a sapphire crystal and waterproof rating of 150 meters.

This watch is extremely useful for divers, swimmers, and sea lovers in general. It is made of high-quality parts and it is very durable and reliable. Smiths’ line of products are known to be great quality and this diving watch is no exception! It can withstand pressure up to 500 feet underwater, so you never have to worry about the timepiece failing on you when it matters the most! The Aqua Terra is perhaps the most well-known model in Breitling’s history as it was introduced in 1964 as Breitling’s first ever diver watch.


-The price is quite high.

Breitling has been the leader in sports watches for over 70 years now and it has created many innovative timepieces, including this diver watch. As one of the most well-known Swiss brands, Breitling’s Aqua Terra line is known for its precision and reliability. This watch works great when out on the water or even at home as a fashion accessory! It was designed to be water resistant up to 300 meters and can withstand pressure up to 10 bar. The features of this timeless timepiece include a large screw down crown, a unidirectional rotating bezel with minute markers and a date window at 6 o’clock.

Is it worth it?

The watch is extremely durable and workable when diving, swimming, or even repairing it during ordinary times. The price is a little expensive for everyday wear in my opinion, though it’s completely understandable because of how great the watch is. I think it’s worth it because of how practical the watch is and how well-built and reliable the design is! It can keep good time as long as you don’t use it for underwater activities for too long, but if you’re diving for long periods of time it will still be accurate over time.


Breitling is a Swiss luxury watch company originated in 1884. It produces and designs watches, chronographs, and alarm watches in the high end segment. Breitling has more than 1,000 dealers worldwide and distributes its watches to 130 countries. Breitling produced the first wrist chronograph in 1936 and is still producing them till this day!

The future according to Breitling:

Breitling plans on continuing to produce innovative new watches for their customers for many years to come! They want to keep their customers happy by providing top of the line products with great precision and reliability.


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