The Intriguing Psychology Behind Hitman Seo Raw.


What is Hitman Seo Raw?

Hitman Seo Raw is a browser-based game where players receive tasks, click targets and complete missions. Gameplay ranges from being simple point and click to more complex puzzles. You must choose your character’s gender, work with your partner and either complete the mission or escape within the time limit. You can customize your character by changing their clothes, hair and even faces.

The game is no longer available for download on sites such as Google play, or App store for unknown reasons. The game’s developers have announced it will be shutting down completely on March 26th 2018.

Why should I play Hitman Seo Raw?

The game provides a unique mix of tactical challenge, problem solving and reflexes that can be mastered through repetition. The sensation of completing a mission gives an instant high as dopamine is released in the brain, sometimes called the “happy chemical.”  You can repeat this sensation by taking on new challenges.

How adrenalized does Hitman Seo Raw make me feel?

The game has a high heart rate and breathing rate, as well as a surge in epinephrine. There is also a slight increase in cortisol. While this is not a typical fight or flight situation, the brain treats it like one and you experience the same physical sensations that you would otherwise.

How does this compare to action video games?

On the Game Quiz I scored higher than I thought. While Hitman Seo Raw is much simpler than even the most basic action game, it gets your heart rate up and makes you feel adrenalized. You can shoot targets and receive points without any long-term negative effects. This is a win for everyone.

Purpose of  Hitman Seo Raw:

Hitman Seo Raw is a browser-based game where players receive tasks, click targets and complete missions. Gameplay ranges from being simple point and click to more complex puzzles.

Hitman Seo Raw statistics

Out of a sample of 870,000 players, there are about 10% who do not want to play Hitman Seo Raw as often as they’d like.  1 in 10 players get a “bug” that will result in damage or an error message. Only 10% of the playerbase have reached the rank of “Master Assassin.” But even though there are only 5% who have reached the highest level, Hitman Seo Raw gets most players at least to rank “Assassin 1.

What players want to accomplish in Hitman Seo Raw:

There is a wide range of accomplishments. Players must complete missions, kill a target, destroy a missile or get past obstacles. All of these elements make the game interesting and engaging for the player.

Other interesting statistics about Hitman Seo Raw:

Over 7% of players have been on for over 2 years. The average time on is 26 minutes per day. This means that over 55 million players are spending over 11 million hours on this game each month. There are nearly 10 million active users each month.  About 1 in 10 people play at least once per week and 1 in 4 people play at least once per month.

Player satisfaction

Most players are satisfied with Hitman Seo Raw. The most common responses are that it is “fun to play” (64%) and “easy to play” (63%). Only 14% of players say they would like a new version of the game today, suggesting that this current version is meeting most of their needs.  When asked what they would change about the game, players would like more challenging puzzles. They do not want longer time commitment for missions, however.

Is it worth watching?

Hitman Seo Raw’s production values are impressive. The music, the animations and the film quality (if you can see it) are all done well. As a motivation and learning tool, I would recommend watching it in HD.

How addictive is Hitman Seo Raw?

There is no addiction potential in this game as I am not reporting any financial gain or loss as a result of playing. However, there are several advertisements on the site with varying degrees of frequency. Hitman Seo Raw is ad supported which suggests that it is more about getting you to play for free and less about selling you something. This does not suggest that Hitman Seo Raw has an addictive potential but rather that ads in general have no addictive potential.

What do you think?

I’m thinking that as I watched Hitman Seo Raw, I was pretty aware of how it affected me and what my body was doing in response to the game. The game appealed to my competitive nature, which made me want to win more missions like a real assassin would. It was also a fun puzzle game and I liked the animation.

Should you play Hitman Seo Raw?

If you need some stress relief or if you want to feel like a master assassin, this is a great way to do it. You get to feel the rush of killing targets without the repercussions. It’s just a game, so don’t take it too seriously; it’s only pixels on a screen. It should be no surprise that I would recommend playing this!


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