The meaning of lyl in the sms world

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What does lyl mean when texting

The best way to define ‘lyl’ when using it in a text message is that it means ” Love you Lots “.

However, there are two other meanings that also exist. One is “Let’s you and him fight”. The other is “Let you live, let live”.

Lyl means love you lots when texting someone else, but lyl could mean Let’s you and him fight or Let You Live, Let Live to the person receiving the text message. LYL has different meanings depending on context.

So what does LYL mean? It depends on the sender of the text message using it as well as who is receiving it. Here are some examples: LYL = Love You Lots; lyl = Lets You and Him Fight; LYL = Lets You Live, Let Live; etc…

The other abbreviations of LYL while texting are :

1. LYL = Lass you live, let live.

This abbreviation means that one person will live their life while the other person will live their life. The message that person receives might cause them to think about their future.

2. LYL = Let you live, let live

The second meaning is basically the same as above except it is the meaning of the sender not the receiver.

3. LYL = Let you look, let it go.

This abbreviation means that one person is not concerned about what the other person does or does not do. If the other person looks, that’s what they look for , if they don’t, that’s their prerogative.

4. LYL = Let your life live.

This abbreviation means that person sees his or her life as something they are proud of, so the other person shouldn’t mess it up.

 LYL could also mean “If you are not having fun, this is not for you” to the receiver. 

Letting your life live does not mean being irresponsible, just being yourself and making sure that you don’t lose it in the process. It is about freewill , but in a way that it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

5. LYL = Love you loads.

This abbreviation means that a person loves another person so much that they want them to be happy. 

Love is all consuming, so the other person should not let their life be destroyed by someone else.

6.LYL = Lets You Look, Let Go.

This way of abbreviating lyl means exactly what it says, lets you look and let go .

 This can be said in different situations, for example “let us look, but let it go.” It means that a person does not want to tell everything about themselves to another person .

It can also mean that one person is not concerned with the other person’s feelings. 

Person number one knows that there are certain things that can hurt the other person and they don’t want that to happen, so they let the thing go , but still maintain their friendship with them.

7. LYL = Let your leader live.

This abbreviation means that people should not mess up the life of the one whom they look up to. It is not relevant whether what person number one is looking up to is a leader or a group of people, it could be any kind of authority figure that this person looks up to.

If someone uses this abbreviation when texting someone else, then they do not want them to mess up their life, because that could lead to problems in their lives. 

However, it does not mean that person is giving them permission to do whatever they want and be irresponsible. 

This abbreviation also means let your leaders live , because leaders can only lead if they have followers .

8. LYL = Lose you later.

This abbreviation means that person wants to end the friendship with that person, but not for a long time in the future.

 Person number one may be mad at person number two and doesn’t want to speak with them for a while, but they don’t want their friendship to end forever . 

They may want the friendship to end eventually , but for now they just want time to cool off.

9. LYL = Long you live.

This abbreviation means that person wants the other person to live a long life and be happy. 

Person number one may be saying this because they like this person and they want them to be happy and healthy. They may say this in a friendly way.

10. LYL = Love you like crazy .

This abbreviation means that person wants the other person to be completely happy and satisfied in their life.

 They want everything to be perfect for them and they want the other person to know that. This is similar to the above sentence, except that person number one wants them to be completely happy and satisfied like crazy .

 Person number one might say this in a more serious way and it might mean that they are trying their best or trying to help them out of a bad situation.


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