Is unaligated a word?

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What does unaligated mean

Unaligated can mean to leave unaddressed or not answered. It is often used in the phrase “unaligated by.” 

For example, you might say “this issue was unaligated by the chairman last week at our meeting.” Alternatively, you could say “we should unaligate this topic because it wasn’t addressed at our last meeting.” Unaligated also means to go unnoticed or overlooked. 

For instance, if your friend’s home’s doorbell rang while they were away for a weekend, that might be said to be an ‘unaligated vacation.’

One of the most common uses of unaligated is in school and sports. 

When a player or coach fails to record an assist or score when they should, when a team loses when they should, when a match is not scored when it should be — their failure to do something when it should be done might be said to make them ‘unaligated.’

This word was not used in the English language until 1860. And in fact, ‘unaligned’ was recorded prior to 1860. 

Now we’re kind of surprised at this point that we’re still using unaligated today if it means what we think it means.

If you have a problem with the word being used on this site, don’t worry about it. You can use your own words. 

And maybe soon maybe we’ll all start using ‘verified’ instead of the word that means the opposite of what we meant to say all along.

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The word ‘unaligned’ was recorded prior to 1860. Additionally, a different etymology has been suggested for “unaligned.” 

One of these suggests that this is a back formation from “unaligned” and “unprincipled.” The former meaning would make sense if “unaligned” came from an old word for bad grammar.

Alternatively, this etymology has suggested that “unaligned” comes from “unaltered,” another word for unlined. It could also come from the French unerlotté , meaning undisturbed or undisturbed. 

Yet, this etymology is not very credible because it suggests that “unaligned” meant what we mean it means today: free of disturbance . Like ‘unaltered’ and ‘unprincipled’.

Some people believe that unaligated may be a back formation from unaligned, but we find this unlikely. 

We find it easy to believe that unaligation may be a back formation from ‘unalgement,’ but we doubt that ‘unalignment’ was even around prior to 1960.

Some different meaning of word unaligated :

1. ‘un’ + ‘allegation’, n.

 An unverified claim.

2. ‘un’ + ‘aligned’, 

 Experiencing no alignment toward something..

3. Unaligated: 

Mnemonic for An unaligned memory location (meaning that it is not used by the CPU).

4. Unaligated:

Not aligned with any of the different political factions; esp., of a person who is not politically active.

5. Unaligated:

Not declared or checked by the cashier when making a payment.

6. Unaligated:

 Not addressed or not responded to.

7. Unaligated:

Not mentioned or not responded to by the chairman during a meeting.

8. Unaligated: 

Often used in sports, when a person fails to score an assist or goal when they should have done so.

9. Unaligated: 

Part of a phrase that means that a person has failed to do something that they should have done.

10. Unaligated: 

 An unlined, undisturbed memory location.

11. Unaligated: 

 Not voted for or not supported by a political party or faction.

12. Unaligated: 

Not mentioned or not addressed during a meeting by the chairman of the meeting/organization/company/etc.

13. Unaligated: 

 A place where an instruction is not used by the CPU(s) of a computer system (in memory); esp. found in the middle of a list of instructions.

14. Unaligated: 

 Clean or not lined with material.

15. Unaligated: 

 Not being aligned with any political faction/party/school/team/company etc.

16. Unaligated: 

Not responded to or responded to incorrectly. Often used in education or sports, when a person fails to record an assist or score when they should have done so.

17. Unaligated: 

A memory location which is not cleaned by the garbage collection subroutine of a compiler program working on a stored program computer, esp. found in the middle of a list of memory locations.

18. Unaligated: 

A situation where no line is added to an object program during execution, esp. found in the middle of a list of lines to be added.

19. Unaligated: 

 Not unaligned with any data type or aligned by an alignment checker or otherwise verified by a compiler front end or linker program working on an object oriented language, esp. found in the middle of a list of data types or offsets for which checks are made during the processing of an object program whose executable form is provided by the compiler working on that language, esp.


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