Tips To Avoid Failure In Where To Farm Salvage Warframe

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A lot of us play Warframe, at least to some extent, because it is free-to-play and allows you to advance through the game primarily through gameplay. The goal of this article is not just that there are websites where you can find where to farm salvage but that there are specific things (skill points) that you should do so that they don’t defeat the objective by accident or on purpose. Where to farm salvage warframe ? Warframe houses a very large and varied pool of resources, most of which are primarily found in the open world with the exception of missions that require certain structures.

Missions can be tedious to complete but if you want to do the best job possible on the mission, you need to use advanced tactics like knowing where everything is and where to find them; it might not be so bad for you since it helps you get an edge in PvP as well. Your goal is to use these resources to advance your equipment and level up your Warframe in the fast-paced environment that is the open world. The specific resources that I listed below are what you should farm when it comes to where to farm salvage warframe.

1. Platinum: 

This resource can be used towards recycling Exilus pieces or when it comes to paying for things like Operation Keys and the most basic of things like unlocking Affinity passives. The easiest way is by going on the quest “Ten for Tawsi”. Yeah, you heard me: Ten for Tawsi. There are multiple methods, many of which are only accessible through PC (I assume the same goes for consoles) . Before I make some observations: This is a very tedious task and can take hours to complete once you do it because it requires you to solve variable-length puzzles in order to get everything right. Look at this image below.

Every time you reach the correct sequence of these numbers, you will be given a code. This code is only active for a short amount of time, so you have to be quick and on your toes. If the wrong code is entered five times, an alarm will sound off and all enemies that spawn during the quest will instantly attack you; if an enemy takes damage, the sequence ends and must be restarted. It’s best to do this when in a group as it can become very hectic if soloed and people don’t know how to play it out correctly/properly.

2. Fomorian Cells:

Fomorian cells are one of the best resources in the game as they allow us to upgrade our mods. This resource can be obtained by doing a mission on a planet where you fight a group of enemies called Fomorians that appear on most planets. You can find them in “Planet” Interaction nodes but they can also drop from your Archwing enemies. They drop mostly blue containers, which contain one of three cells each. Kill them and take the container to their controller node and press it until you get a new item; this is the more common resource that you will find but there is also an “Archwing” version and an “Elantra” version which I will mention briefly below.


Fomorian cells drop the same way as they do on planets but they will also drop from enemies that are found in Archwing missions. However, this resource can be really rare; I only managed to find 95 cells (out of a huge pool of > 400) by doing one mission, and even then it required me to look for it on each planet (it only appears once).


You can find Fomorian cells with this variant by doing the “Realm of Caves” mission on Uranus. This is a mission where your primary objective is to capture three enemy Biolabs and destroy their defending Power Cores once you have them. However, the Fomorian Interception Units at the three nodes cannot be captured until all other enemies are defeated. You must do this by killing all Corpus within a node before setting your focus on their defenses and doing it within the given time limit of 15 minutes. 

3. Kuva:

This resource is mostly used in crafting Warframes and can be acquired through Void Fissures, Kuva Siphon missions (or Kuva Fortress on the PC version) and Kuva Flood missions. Kuva Siphon: This can be found on a Grineer Shipyard planet with Archwing as your primary mode of transportation (Earth only). You need to perform a “Hack” action on three key-operated control panels and then deactivate the security system before taking control of the siphon unit to start collecting Kuva.


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