Top mind meme of reddit

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brett jordan 0FytazjHhxs unsplash

The top mind meme of reddit

Memes are one of the great staples of internet culture, and in recent years memes have become more than just funny pictures.

 Memes can be used to convey deep messages, push an agenda, or simply provide a sense of community. 

Livememe is a website that showcases some of the best memes from all over the internet.

 This article is going to cover some popular subreddits that you might want to check out, 

as well as some other websites where you can find hilarious memes.


Livememe calls these “jokes” since they are used to make the internet a better place. 

The name comes from the fact that most of these memes are about something stupid or silly, 

but the point is that the internet needs to be made better. 

A huge example of this is Kony2012, which started when pop star Justin Bieber posted a video on his YouTube channel. 

He was asking people to help stop child soldier Joseph Kony in Uganda, but soon it became obvious that he wasn’t really being serious.

 However, there was great backlash against it since it seemed like he didn’t really care about social issues. 

Therefore, a meme was born in order to make the internet a better place.  

The Kony2012 meme was used to spread awareness of real social issues and people were able to show their seriousness in stopping such problems.

Memes really do provide a good way for people to connect and understand each other.

 Another way memes can help with this is when they spoof larger political or social problems that we face.

 For example, there is a popular meme that makes fun of the Wallstreet elites

 by showing that almost all of them failed at their first attempt at college (but they still made it). 

The point is that they mostly failed because they didn’t try hard enough 

 there were even some cases where they tried multiple times before eventually succeeding.

 In the meantime, there are people who have worked hard all their lives who never get a chance to get into college.

Memes can also be used to help reflect the culture that we find ourselves in.

 Every generation develops a new slang and phrasing that is hard for other generations to comprehend. 

Using memes allows us to have a common ground where we can relate and understand each other even if we grew up in different decades.

Finally, memes can be used simply to make someone laugh or enjoy themselves while browsing the internet.

 In fact, it’s even been suggested that keeping an active sense of humor 

while browsing the internet is healthy 

since it provides a break from all of the heavy topics you might usually encounter online.


The website Reddit is commonly used to find memes, because there are so many users who share funny pictures.

 Subreddits are topics like “pics” or “funny” and you will always be able to find some new and interesting material. 

However, some of the subreddits will be used simply to make each other laugh; 

therefore, don’t forget to visit subreddits like r/WTF which shows you things that might actually make you scared.

Facebook groups like Funny Pictures and Memes also provide a good place 

where people can share funny pictures and memes with each other.

 This way it’s easier to keep up with new material and spend less time on the computer looking for funny things online.

Memes can also be found on other websites like 9gag , imgur , and memebase . 

These sites are usually more focused on pictures that are funny or interesting, but you will find plenty of good memes that go beyond that. 

Memebase is actually one of the largest meme databases online;

 therefore, it’s a great place to start if you want to learn more about the history of memes.

Facebook Groups

If you don’t use Reddit or don’t like sharing things with strangers, there are plenty of Facebook groups that feature memes. 

However, I would recommend getting involved with specific groups instead of just posting online for everyone to see.

 For example, there is a popular meme on Facebook that features a cat and some sunglasses. 

The caption is “I don’t do coke” and the picture is often used as a joke about drug use.

 However, if you post this online, top minds of reddit

 it will probably be seen by all of your Facebook friends and more than likely someone who doesn’t know you would see it as well. 

You can post the meme to specific groups where only you and people in the group will see it. 

This way you can keep up with what’s going on in these memes and feel like they’re just for your circle of friends.


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