A comprehensive tier list of honkai impact

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nong vang 9pw4TKvT3po unsplash

Olympus is an exciting, fairly new mobile game that many of you may not have heard of before. 

It’s a strategy game where you build units, fight against enemies, and complete missions to earn points – just to name a few things!

In addition to being strategic and gameplay focused, Olympus excels in its character design. 

The cast includes both male and female characters who are diverse in personality as well as representation.

 There are also plenty of other features that make this game one worth playing! Check it out today if you haven’t already 

 but first take a look at this informational blog post on the best characters in the game so far!honkai impact tier list

 Vann (Grade: D+)

Vann is a  fantastic character on paper. He has some pretty good stats, especially for an axe character (highest attack stat out of all the axes on this list).

 He also has two really nice skills. 

His B skill is an automatic heal which increases with Vann’s HP, and his A skill is a strong AoE debuff that lowers the target’s defense.

 His C skill is basically an AoE poison, but Viper just doesn’t have enough room in her bio to put in anything else for this character to do. 

She also doesn’t have that many other things she can accomplish besides just being Vann’s userbio…

…But the problem is Vann’s userbio doesn’t utilize him very well. 

Vann is at his best on stage 1, but since that stage requires two people

 the player has to choose between using Vann or using one of the other two (because there are only three members total for all three teams). 

On his own, Vann is pretty lackluster compared to some characters who can do things until they’re needed. 

While he has a few great attacks and skills, he doesn’t really have any super necessary moves or abilities that support his stats.

Viper actually has better additions to her bio by using Vann 

 his heal gives her a lot more sustainability in fights, and his debuff helps make the player’s team clearer. 

However, most of Viper’s most powerful attacks are AoE skills that are channeled for a set amount of time. 

This means that Viper can’t use them while Vann is supporting/healing her – which is a lot of the time!

 The fact that he already has two good skills means there aren’t any really important spots left for him to fill in her bio anyways,

 so she has to choose between AOE damage or using an AoE debuff with some extra healing power (and eventually another heal skill). 

This ultimately means Vann’s userbio isn’t super powerful or amazing on it’s own,

 but he is a good addition to a character that is already strong.

 Shizuka (Grade: C)

If you’re familiar with the first list of Honkai Impact tier lists, then you’ve probably already seen this character on it 

 she was actually the first character ever to be on a tier list for this game! 

Her high damage output and her ability to crowd control enemies makes her a fairly strong option as an attacker.

The problem with Shizuka is that her auto attacks are very hard to land, especially in the beginning of the game.

 Her B skill is essentially a fake skill, so it will activate if she gets hit by any attack that does not have an element damage.

 Her A skill is supposed to be a cc that lasts for three turns but doesn’t really last long enough – instead ending early because it’s simply not strong enough. 

The C skill, while it does have great AoE damage, also has a chance to poison the target which reduces healing until cured.

Shizuka doesn’t get any other skills or useful abilities aside from her auto attack spam until level 30..

.but even at level 30, her auto attacks are unreliable. Her stats are also somewhat low for an attacker,

 which makes it hard for her to last long enough to use her skills. 

This makes it difficult to build her bio up in a way that is useful without relying too much on the player’s ability (which is understandable).

She also has some other problems that hold her back from being useful.

 Her B skill gives the team’s frontline more utility, but that means Shizuka becomes useless until the frontlines start dying 

which can actually be quite often if she isn’t equipped with any defensive skills. 

Her A skill is really strong for crowd controlling, but it’s also one of her less useful skills

 since it has a high cooldown and often times the player will want to keep their frontline alive. 


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