Types of Gold Chains For Men With Price And Carat Wise

Gold Chains For Men
Gold Chains For Men

Gold chains are meant to be worn no matter what the occasion is! Gold chains give the wearer a special feeling. Gold chains beautiful adorn the graceful neckline of women, as well as men. However, when it comes to men, it is a fact that men jewellery option is limited. It is only now that constant demands and a change in trend in men’s traditional jewellery have open up options for more patterns and designs.

Gold chain for men is available in many patterns, lengths, widths, and designs. All are made with utmost purity and the trusted name of Vaibhav Jewellers. Keeping in hindsight gold price, there are many options available to explore apart from gold chain design for men. Right from gold watches, gold buttons, gold cufflinks, and little accessories like gold rings, lockets, and more, there is so much to buy from.

Gold chains for mens:-

Many Jewellers have a classic collection of some of the most beautiful gold chains men. These are perfect for every occasion and amazing as gifting options. Men’s gold chains in comparison with women’s gold chains are though might be limited, but not at all jewellery stores. They stock a collection of different gold items. Some of them are:

  1. Machine-crafted chains:

Machine-crafted chains are available in many designs for men. They are available in a triangle shape, plain or flat shape, box modeled chains, and also link model chains. Machine-made chains in today’s time are preferred more than handmade chains, as these are sold more. 

  1. Handcrafted gold chains:

While there is a demand for a machine-made chain, there is no comparison of hand-crafted gold chain quality. Hand-crafted gold chains are made of premium quality and are available at the best gold prices. This handmade jewellery that reflects soft grace and artistry that incomparable. 

They are used by both men and women. At esteemed jewellery stores there is a skilled team of Jewellers who can identify between handcrafted and machine-made jewellery, and are true to their spirit of workmanship. The different designs that are majorly seen in handmade gold chains for men are rope model, unisex chains, hallow chains also known as Kerla chains.

Cuttings in gold chain designs for men:

In the 24 and 22 carat gold pricequality, there are different cuttings ingold ornaments. Some of them are glass cutting, butta model cutting, and diamond cut. This one extra element over which gold chains can be selected makes them unique and special, worth for men’s wearables.

Speaking of weight and price, they start from 6-7 gms and can rise to 30-40 gms. However, the weight can always raise more than that. The ideal weight for wearable jewellery is 20-25 gms if it is to be used regularly.  It’s on individual choice also, as some men love wearing heavy jewels while some go light. At the best Jewellers in the country, there is something for everyone. So, visit once and find a perfect match for your gold desires.


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