10 Attractive Houseplants Perfect For Your Precious Home

Houseplants Perfect
Houseplants Perfect

Who said gardening is only an outside activity? The basics of gardening are planting, sowing, and cultivating. And it should not be limited to our backyard. We can also do that while inside our homes. If you’re asking how we can do this, the answer is indoor plants or houseplants! That’s right. Indoor plants or houseplants are becoming a thing nowadays and for good reasons.

Houseplants are plants that are typically grown in pots or containers and are placed indoors. They are mainly used for decorative purposes, but recent studies have shown that houseplants can positively affect individuals psychologically. If you’re curious enough to know what indoor plants are best suited for you, then read below and find out more.


An easy-to-care, all-time favorite houseplant is the spiderwort. Now, don’t get intimidated by the name because this plant will undeniably beautify your home. A tropical plant, spiderworts require medium to light to full sun. 

They also like an average home temperature of around 50 to 80℉. In addition, spiderworts are drought-tolerant, meaning they can thrive with a moderate water supplement every day. If you want to know more about growing spiderworts, then Click Here.

Jade Plant

Jade plants have unique round leaves that retain water and moisture to keep the plant healthy and attractive. They are a low-maintenance plant and can tolerate dehydration for a long time. They are also an excellent addition to your home and can fit any interior design you have. Have a jade plant at home, and you’ll surely come home in a fresh, vibrant vibe.

Aloe Vera

Perhaps the most popular houseplant is the aloe vera. With its many uses and benefits, aloe vera is a staple of houseplants. When caring for aloe vera, make sure that your pot or container has adequate holes in the bottom because they don’t tolerate a wet bed. Other than that, aloe vera is low-maintenance but can give you tremendous benefits. So what are you waiting for? Plant some!


Another rockstar indoor plant is pothos. With its lush green leaves, it will undeniably make you want to sit back, relax and enjoy this luxurious houseplant. What’s more attractive about this plant is that they are low-maintenance. You only need to keep the pot well-drained because too much moisture might lead to undesirable results.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are remarkable in growing and caring because they can survive in almost any growing condition! They can thrive with or without adequate watering, partial to full sun, and even survive cold temperatures. A formidable yet attractive houseplant, snake plants will give you more than you ask for.

Peace Lily

There is something elegant and peaceful when thinking about peace lilies and their white spathe. That’s why you need to have them at home. They are pretty famous because they are easy to grow and need no further attention. You only need to transplant them in a bigger pot or container with enough draining holes. Water them once or twice a week and place them in direct sunlight for six hours, and they’re good to go.

Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is often mistaken to be artificial and plastic-made because of its attractive leaves, and that’s what makes this houseplant an excellent addition to your home! It can keep your guests guessing and thinking as to how this majestic plant ever came to life. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, but a little shade will do good for its leaves. Another tip is don’t overwater this plant, for it may cause dropping leaves and poor overall growth.

ZZ Plant

If you want an easygoing houseplant, then a ZZ plant is right for you. It can adapt to all kinds of lighting and infrequent watering. They can grow up to four feet tall, giving you attractive small leaflets. Ensure that the soil is not too moist to avoid undesirable results for your ZZ plant, like falling leaves or turning yellow. 

English Ivy

Another unique and attractive houseplant is the English ivy. Its aggressive and woody evergreen vine will make you want to look at it longer. Moist but well-drained soil will do the trick for this beautiful houseplant, and a partial shade would help, too, in maintaining its texture. Also, this plant requires a little bit of fertilizer to thrive. Remember all these things and enjoy charming English ivy at home.

Dragon Tree

If you want another attractive and distinguishable houseplant, then a dragon tree is for you. It has slender striped leaves and a striking appearance. What’s more, is that it requires less maintenance to grow and bloom indoors. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, for it may scorch their leaves, and make sure not to overwater them. A thing to remember about dragon trees is that they are slow growers, so don’t get mad at them for blossoming too slow.


Houseplants are an excellent addition to your precious home because they add vibrance and color and make your house a more livable space. Make sure to include the houseplants mentioned above to start your garden in the comfort of your home. Enjoy indoor gardening!


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