Useful tips for using Meta Trader 4


There are almost very few brokerages which happen to deal in retail trading without using the MT4 platform. For the few that don’t, they are usually big houses with investment which is considerable in their chosen trading platforms and a lot of traditional cost for maintenance and support. 

For such brokers, they also tend to have restricted conditions that they use before having to open trading accounts. Without having to mention them by name, it is enough to believe that, for most traders for retail who have minimum requirements when it comes to opening a trading account, they are very restrictive with Blackstone Futures not being one of them.

The MT4 does come in handy as a platform for trading for a brokerage house such as Blackstone Future to offer and that is why traders will love such for its ease of use and simplicity. The options are normally unlimited and it is hard to find any two traders on the platform using the same features at the same time.

Keep your phone number and address handy for any account you make with south african forex brokers, after all, it’s much easier to trade when you’re in front of the screen than when you have to get off the couch.

Download MT4 from various locations 

Brokers are able to offer all the possible versions for the platform of MT4. They custom the offer basing on the operating system which the trader has and thus, there is always a particular version for every web based option and operating system as well. 

When on the webpage of the broker, the trader is normally prompted in downloading the platform on their desktop. Just like any download, the traders have to choose where it should be downloaded on the drive. 

But there are some traders who operate various strategies and utilize the MT4 platform for a variety of purposes and with trading accounts which are different. For some of them, they are denominated in various currencies or simply traders tend to run a variety of strategies so there will be a need of having various platforms of MT4 on the same desktop.

If that happens to be so, the trip will be to download the trading platform several times. But with every time that you pick, there is a need to choose a separate folder for its location. Or in case you want to keep it under one folder, you can change the name of the subfolder.

With each download, a new shortcut will appear on the desktop which highlights the number of MT4 platform that are on the computer.

Import custom indicators

Most forex brokers mostly utilize standard version indicators in helping the technical traders. But at times, there is a need to ensure that you customize it. The MT4 platform has an option that is inbuilt of programming the new indicators or even having to trade the algorithm. 

For the ones which have a bit of coding experience, it might come in handy to keep programing own programs when using the Meta Trader4 platform  but for some traders, they decide to import on the platform an indicator that is custom that they purchase over the internet. In most cases, there are various ways which you can choose to do it.


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